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Islam has openly declared war on the US. With Obama as POTUS, they have an ally within our camp as well.
Here in the US the government schools have raised several generations of capitulants who are given over to the delusion that coexistence with Islam is possible. The parents are indeed responsible for being conned by the government education system and we as a nation are reaping what has been sowed. You are correct in stating that the loss of the Judeo-Christian foundation has been the root cause of this. As in centuries past, the result of such a breakdown is either exile or invasion. It saddens me to see this.
I went to an event at the (now demolished) Pontiac Silverdome in 1993. I was startled by the arabic letter signs on some businesses even then.
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There were a few folks prosecuted in Ohio after the 2008 election. The media sent crickets to cover it. The really sad part is that voter participation is so low that it is easy to sway the results with a relatively few bogus votes. What about the door-to-door canvassing for Obama? When they ask someone if they are likely to vote and they say "no", would that vote then be graciously cast for the non-voting party? As I said above, there are lots and lot of non-voters...
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When a food item is certified Kosher, it is clearly marked as such. I don't know if Muslims would shun Kosher food or not (my guess is that they would do so on principle if for no other reason), but at least they would be able to know if something was Kosher before they purchased it. Why should those of us who don't want to consume food that is offered to the god of a satanic cult like Islam not be able to make that choice by simply looking at the label?
There is another ship in the background, behind the Wisconsin in the picture. What is that ship? Just curious...
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