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I've heard you trash Wesley Crusher a number of times, and I keep thinking that I should mention something when I see you dissing your teen-aged televised self. I totally understand the hate-mail. I've re-watched most of TNG at some point or another during my life, and these days, I cringe when Wesley shows up. BUT, I cringe not because he's a Mary Sue. I cringe because Wesley is a reminder of an uncomfortable time in my youth when the Starship Enterprise was more real to me than the real world. I wanted to be Ensign Crusher. I thought he was the greatest guy in the world. He was awkward, but no one cared because he was so damn smart. So the smart, awkward kid sitting in front of the set dreamed of a time when he too could be respected for his mind, when he wouldn't be mocked, when brainpower alone could equate to equality. Oh yes, I cringe now. I understand now. But I had to say it at least once: To a generation of young teens and tweens, you were a GOD. TNG will always be "my" trek. I grew up with it, and Memories of the Future reminds me that - in a way - TNG grew up with me. By all means, mock freely of thine own youth. I just thought you should know, to those of us young enough to appreciate Wesley's perspective, you were our bridge into Sci Fi fandom.
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