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Even though its a meaningless friendly and both teams are without their top players, I'm still looking forward to see the "young guns" tonight. Most excited to see Wondolowski, Shea, and of course my Red Bullers, Ream and Agudelo play. Also hope Sean Johnson gets some minutes. I remember him having a fantastic game against the Red Bulls in a 0-0 draw last year. The kid just saved every shot that came his way. Anyways lets get this party going. GO GO USA!!!
Danny/Male/21/BPT, CT/Benfica, Red Bulls, Portugal, USA/2007
No Portuguese League game on ESPN3 this week Ives?...I thought they show one game per week...Anyways there are two big matches in Portugal this week...First we got BENFICA-Braga on Sunday at 3:15 and on Monday it's first vs second as FC Porto travel to Guimaraes...Hope Porto drop their first game of the season there
Farewell my favorite Metrostar/Red Bull player of all time...He definitely brought memories and no doubt is a legend...I will never forget that goal he scored against South Korea...There will never be a player like Mathis...I mean his probably the only soccer player in the world to have a stat that says every time he scored for his team they have NEVER LOST a game (During his time with the MetroStars/Red Bulls)...That's just a ridiculous stat lol...Does anybody even though the official record?...I'm surprised nobody has said anything about that stat
So disappointed...I'm just crushed right now because the USA will probably never have another stage to reach at least the semi-finals like they had here...It just sucks to see all the hard work and excitement they put up during the group stages come to waste here...No doubt Ghana are a good side, but really our mishaps at the back gave them the win...God only knows what Retardo Clark was trying to do when he lost the ball that led to the first goal and just bad defending from the two U.S. centeral defenders on the second goal...I thought when Donovan leveled the score we were going to move on, but luck and tired minds and legs didn't help the cause...No doubt if Findely, Feilhaber, Bradley, and Altidore took their chances better the USA would've moved on, but sometimes soccer is a cruel game...Dam Ghana made me cry four years ago and they do it yet again four years later...I'm starting to really hate that country lol...Anyways good match Ghana and I hope you guys beat U R Gay to keep that African flag flying
Excited and nervous about today's game...Ghana are a strong side, but I believe the U.S. can get the better of them...I mean at this moment the U.S. has a fair shot at making the SEMIS!...I don't think the USA will ever have another road to get to a semi-final stage like they have right now...Defeat Ghana and then either Uruguay/South Korea and we will be in a place where we haven't been since 1930 lol...But I don't want to think that far ahead though...One game at a time and today it starts with Ghana...Like I said before I believe we can beat Ghana and I would like to get some revenge on those guys after what they did to us four years ago...And o yea hopefully today's ref's won't screw us on another clean goal... GO GO USA!!!
I tell you there's no better sport or thing in life that comes close to soccer...I mean one minute USA looks to be going out in a painful frustrating way and then the next minute American hero, Landon Donovan has us screaming GOAL at the top of our lungs...I don't think I have ever jumped out of my seat and screamed GOLO like that before...I know in the past I went crazy for goals involving my Benfica, MetroStars/Red Bulls, Portugal, and USA teams, but I don't think nothing comes close to the way I celebrated today...I was all set to cry my eyes out to a disappointing 0-0 draw in sadness, but LD turned the tears of sadness to joy...Once again it was an incredible performance from our boys...It seems like they want to give us heart attacks in each game lol...Against England I was shocked and happy we got a draw against a European powerhouse, against Slovenia I was so proud of an amazing comeback from 2-0 down, and words can't even describe what just happend on that field today...Thank you USA, but there's still more memories to be made... LETS GO USA
On my couch with my bro...GO USA!!!
I can't wait for this one...USA-England was a big match, but this one is going to be bigger...We must get three points out of this one to give us a shot at making the Round of 16...I fully expect to see a much better display from the Americans here than from our last game...No doubt we will attack and create more...I think Bob Bradley will keep things the same and tell his team the same message...I predit a 2-0 win for the mighty Americans... LETS GO USA
Never thought the U.S. could pull out a draw...I thought we were going to lose 2-0 or 2-1...When Stevie G put England up 1-0 early on I thought the U.S. were heading for a ugly first game lost like we suffered against the Czech's four years back, but the U.S. hanged on and got a BIG GIFT from Green right before the half...That goal was huge because England had all the momentum going into halftime, but Dempsey took it all away in a second...In the second half the U.S. kept on battling, but was only able to create one good chance...I would've love to see how the game would've turned out if Altidore's shot didn't come off the post...No doubt England were the better side, but I was surprised that they didn't create much danger...I mean they have two classy midfielders and a superstar forward and they failed to create much...Also credit to the U.S. backline for shutting down Rooney...He was the one player I feared the most, but the U.S. kept him in their back pocket all night long...With this result I'm fully confident that the U.S. could win their last two group games and maybe even finish first which would be fantasic because after watching Germany's performance yesterday I really don't want to play them in the Round of 16 lol LETS GO USA
Time to get our revenge from the 2009 Confederations Cup Final!...Also why did the match have to fall on a Tuesday...If it was during the weekend then I would definitely go...Anyways GO USA!!!
I can't wait for the match...Both teams had an amazing run to get to final...Bayern barely made it out of the group stages and needed away goals to win their ties in the R16 and OF stages...On the other hand, Inter survived a tough group with the Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian champions and fought their way past English leaders Chelsea and once again the defending CL champs, Barcelona...With that said I see Inter Milan winning here, but you can never count out the Germans...I think the "Special One" will show us again why he calls himself that name...It would be a great story to see him win the CL in Madrid and then a week later leave Inter for Real Madrid and win the CL with them...Anyways I'm going with the same result Bayern had the last time they were in a Champions League final in Spain...Inter 2-1 Bayern...Hopefully Bayern won't be leading 1-0 heading into stoppage time and concede two quick late goals again lol...It should be a good one...Lets not forget a treble season is on the line for both teams Forza Inter Milan
I can't wait for Benfica-Rio Ave on Sunday...Benfica will win the Portuguese league title for a record of 32 times...Lisbon will be rocking the night away... Forca Benfica!!!
Toggle Commented May 7, 2010 on This weekend's soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SO PLANS TO GO TO RED BULL ARENA ARE BACK ON!!!...The MLS board is smart after all...So excited now...Thanks for breaking the great news Ives
WOO the U.S. are coming back to CT!!!...I've seen them play twice in Rentschler Field and I will definitely be making the trip from BPT to Hartford to see my NT again...To bad we don't have McBride anymore because he loves scoring goals in Hartford lol...I've seen him score against Trinidad and Latvia...Seriously can't wait for the game now... Hey Ives any idea when tickets go on sale?
I thought we were heading for a disappointing lost, but thankfully we got two late goals...We pretty much dominated the game and if it wasn't for some bad decision making in the final third and fantasic goalkeeping from Montes, we could've won like 10-0...I seriously would have gone mad if we lost this game, El Salvador only had two shots for crying out loud lol...Anyways the players who impressed me today were Goodson, Pearce, Beckerman, Kljestan, Gaven, and Ching...I think most of those guys have a fair shot at making the squad for next weeks game against Holland
I use to play this kid in High School when he was tearing it up with his team, Newtown...I knew he would become a great player because really he was better than everyone on the field...Then I saw him in the College Cup with Wake Forest and he was still at the top of his game and now his finally getting a chance with the NT...So proud of the guy and hope he can become the next great American forward
So disappointed : (...I really wanted to see Richie Williams get the job, but of course they had to make a stupid move in getting a guy who has no knowledge of MLS...Just prove me wrong Backe
Wooo Benfica beats FC Porto 1-0...Great game...FORCA SLB!!!
Benfica up 1-0 at HT!!!...We are all over Porto...More of the same thing in the second half please...FORCA BENFICA!!!
Sorry Kyle, but Jorge Jesus (Benfica coach) has given him more than enough chances to prove himself and quite frankly he hasn't taken those opportunities...His nonexistent in games and the other forwards behind him, who don't get much playing time like Kerrison, have contributed more than him...Anyways rumors going around that he might go out on loan to either Liverpool or Olympiacos...I'll just laugh if he ends up in Liverpool...His weak body wouldn't even last a day in England
First off thank you Ives for giving love to the Portuguese league lol and also I saw a commercial for the game and its being sponsored by Red Bull Arena lol...Way to reach out to the PorChops NYRB lol... Anyways Japan, Kerrison has been a bust...Hasn't performed well at all and is soon going to be shown the door...Many Benfica fans were expecting him to be a solid option off the bench to replace Cardozo or Saviola in games, but he hasn't offerd anything and thankfully his leaving the club soon
OMG YES is going to show the Benfica-Porto game...The regular Portuguese channel never shows Portugal's big games live anymore since they want to make extra money by forcing fans to go to a bar and pay to watch the match...Anyways as a Benfica fan I should be happy about the huge match on Sunday, but right now Benfica are going through a injury crisis...Can you believe five of our starters are out for the game : (
Bring the flying Dutchman back to New York!!!...If he really does come back to NY then it will show how stupid Agoos and JCO really were in getting rid of VDB...Making up an excuse how he wanted to be close to his family, when really Agoos and JCO didn't want to offer him a new contract...Really hope he comes back... Forca Dave VAN DEN BERGH lol
I would love if this move goes through...Always wanted to see LD playing in the EPL...Everton would be a good fit for him as well...Hope I see the two best American players playing with each other in the near future... Forca Donovan & Howard!