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absolutely! There's no way that Porter has the portfolio for the magnitude of a national qualifier, especially it being the Olympics! I say that JK overrated our players and fully expected us to qualify, which thus would have added to the experience and training of Porter for the long haul. This gamble blew up in JK's face and the American team suffers the consequences. How the hell do we show up for a qualifier this huge with an unfit team? This was embarrassing, especially since El Sal and Can both shot their wads in their matches against the US.. Depressed fo sho!!
Looked to me like JJ was favoring possibly a groin at his exit from the match. Any word on that condition? also... Could this have been our first victory, and fewest yellow cards, in recent memory under Mexican officiating?
Eench beses Yossarian Shod lavem? lol BB was just trying to insert Gomez at the end to waste time in order to preserve the one point. I so wanted Buddle to start instead of Findlay and I was really hoping that Torres would have subbed into the match at the half. BB was very slow in substition decisions this day. Anyone know when they wipe away the yellow cards? After the round robin and possibly again at the Quarters?
Roy, starting Findlay uptop does not sound like BB wants to go into a defensive shell with no plans to move forward.
Agoos or Pope...Hell, what about Frankie?
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on USA World Cup Team Announced at Soccer By Ives
Buddle's connectivity with Donovan may be one of the biggest factors in his selection. They've teamed up on most all of Buddles goals for the last 2 seasons. Buddle also does a great job of holding up for the Galaxy. His physicality and ability to be a target will overly compensate for Ching's absence. I think BB wants more speed than stability up top. It sure does overstate how valuable the player skills that Charlie Davies was developing. That is what were really missing. We'd better do more than pray for the stability of the backline. I find it exceptionally frustrating that a nation such as ours, in the stages of Soccer development that we are now in, that we cannot find a man to excell at Left Back! Frustrating.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on USA World Cup Team Announced at Soccer By Ives