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Hatah Patahtah
Pacific Northwest
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Although the walk is finished and you and Anne have met your goal and beyond, I added to the pot for your fundraiser just the same. It was only $5, we can't afford more, but we can afford that. Almost every animal we've ever had, from the time I was a baby, was a stray, dumped, or otherwise rescued. My Grandmother's Siamese and long haired tortoiseshell cats Sheckel and Eurydice, rescued by my uncle; our silver tabby cat Purrl; our kitties Blacky and Flashy, who were dumped, with their mother, a block away from our home; our dog, Gypsy, dumped, who was an AWESOME dog; our orange tabby Sherbert, stray; our kitty Belle, a stray living in the dryer vent of our apartment's laundry room; our shorthaired tortoiseshell Dax (yes, as in Jadzia--the markings you know), a stray kitten; our dog Jefe, adopted from the Animal Aid Society. May the Pasadena Humane Society live long and prosper.
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