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I'm just sad and surprised Russia didn't make it through. A very entertaining side. OK, Guus, gather yourself and provide your interest in coaching the US for 2014.
hahaha, nice.
I'm just sad and surprised Russia didn't make it through. A very entertaining side. OK, Guus, gather yourself and provide your interest in coaching the US for 2014.
so much for "defensive breakdowns" not found at this level and those you can "find in MLS" Yikes, I'd say that was USL-2-esque from Sorensen not MLS.
Jeff Cunningham: SCORES GOALS. (SBI-Jeff Cunningham, the Cris Carter if American soccer.)
Wanted: Goal scorers and finishers.
fact: renken's hurt now. his first major injury to take away his time on the field is the knee injury. myth: renken's always hurt.
he won't start but here's hoping he makes an impression and gets on the WC roster and maybe steal the spot. if he does, it just means the spot has improved and the better for U.S. If he doesn't earn the start, that's OK too since Bornstein is earning it right now.
Not to be a downer, but it did come against a Liverpool team down two men. Don't think he'd get that easy look 10v10.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2009 on Dempsey nets in Fulham victory at Soccer By Ives
Barca > Alcocron > Real Madrid
legen ... wait for it ...
just watched the highlights of UAE and Malawi. From the looks of it, a second-place showing for the US isn't a given. You really must watch the UAE-malawi highlights on WOW. !Que golazos! UAE's first was a 40-plus yard free kick screamer to the upper 90 of the goal. And though Malawi's goal was deservedly called back because of offside, the kid took it very, very well, never even let it touch the ground. took one beautiful touch before the cross hit the grass and his second touch put the ball into the net. must-watch stuff. it'll be fun to see the US play these two teams.
Oh, yeah, and nice rhyme on the headline there Franco.
oh, and of course, we all know brown is a nutcase, jozy's tweet was contrite.
it just keeps getting better for US soccer players, eh? well, brown will be gone soon. not best for Jozy to look for yet another team in January
not just a man up, a man up in 103 minutes. wow. never would have guessed that. (SBI-Not really 103 minutes since the 14 minutes of stoppage time were making up for the 14 minutes spent waiting for the lights to come back. Still, 88 minutes a man up is a shame.)
doesn't matter if it was spain. you can't lose 2-1 with a man up. oh well, they are what they all are, 17 year olds and younger. have to regroup and get second in the group.
wow, gil should have equalized. if he wants all those clubs to still chase after him, he had to finish that.
is that brian or marlon duran?
should have been 20 minutes of stoppage time .. either way it doesn't seem like an equalizer is coming. both teams slowing down with US still not looking like it's a man up.
oof. will be very surprised if shinksy and herold get any more starts from here on out.
j/k,, kind of. but was really looking for gil to have an impact and he finally does with awesome footwork and a nice find, too bad chavez couldn't take it well enough. really trying to not write any sentences with the words "if only" and "charles renken" in them ...
haha, hush should take advice from his own name
TImmy didn't get very good chances to save those shots today. Disappointed in the Toffees' defense. Gosling was lost all night. And the touch and passing in the final third was NYRB-like.