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Here is another cool trick to try if you like trapist ales. You can find recipes out there but you cannot buy the yeasts used by the monks. Step one buy a couple bottles of Chimey ale. Step two get a little powdered malt extract. Enough to make couple of quarts and a small jug that you can fit a stopper and vapor lock into. Step three carefully decant the Chimey so that the yeasts that have settled at the bottom do not get disturbed. Drink the beer. Now make a simple wirt out of the dried extract and a couple of quarts of water. Allow to cool and then pitch the yeasts at the bottom of the decanted bottles. The yeasts should reproduce like crazy this is called pitching up yeasts. Now make a wirt according to any recipe you can find for trapist style ales. Though the one I found was a bit heavy on the coriander so next time I made it I cut that in half. pitch your trapist yeast and ferment per usual. On my try the primary fermentation went nuts
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after brewing for over 10 years I found a pattern that works for me. Primary firmentation in a carboy with a 3 inch food grade tube into a quart mason jar submerged in a bleach solution. The beer will foam up and then settle back down. this is called High Krausen sp? and usually takes a week. this is when I rack the beer over to another carboy and let it finish. Usually 3-4 weeks. In the little vapor cap I also use a mild bleach solution. this is to kill any bugs try to make their way into your beer and give it a fever. Most of all don't worry.
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That is probably a really good thing. Have fun.
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I'm torn. I enjoyed the show and performances but part of me is disapointed that they decided to go with the Wheaton Character vs a a different random character. I mean it worked for many good reasons but the celeb guest shot even if played evil seems a bit of a cop out. And they are better then that.
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So what is Spock doing in the Left 4 Dead No map by the power substation?
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