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You are in violation of the Food Blogging Prime Directive: Anytime you mention cooking home-made food, you must give the recipe(s). ;)
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Points in reference to BBT:TCC 1) This needs to be recurring. 2) Sheldon should develop a twitch every time a ST:TNG reference is made. 3) If Sheldon is Khan, that means wil is playing Cpt. Kirk. 4) They should have Sheldon find out that Wil is going to be running a Ka'a game at a Con. 5) Sheldon vs. Wil again. 6) It SHOULD be called "The Wrath of Sheldon". 7) Wil of course must grind salt into Sheldon's wound by telling him he didn't need the money from that tournament, and that he donated it to charity .... 8) Specifically he donated to charity in his grandmother's name. 9) Wil needs to beat Sheldon again. 10) Sheldon should then become obsessed with beating Wil. Feel free to pass these on to the writers. On a general note of BBT. Leonard is Ernie, Sheldon is Bert; ergo Penny is still in love with and wants to marry Ernie. One could also say they're the modern geekier version of 'The Odd Couple' with Leonard as Oscar Madison and Sheldon as Felix Unger.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary at WWdN: In Exile
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