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So I've been told. Honestly, I rarely remember them. It's really depressing forgetting about 1 out of every 7 days. But... you know... at this point it's tradition. I can't very stop. And of course there's the fans to think of.
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Also.... I'm confused. Is Wil the Hero or the Villain? And before everyone says: "It's his website... he's obviously the hero" we need to stop and think that he lied about his meemaw dying. That's quite villainous... and Sheldon, while clearly insane, could qualify as an anti-hero. Man. the BEST hero/villain stories have ambiguous roles for everyone involved. You guys are like much skinnier versions of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.
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Hey Aristotle... I live in Nova-Scotia. The best event that happens around here is when I get drunk on Thursdays and argue with myself in front of our one fancy restaurant. With regards to the twitter exchange, I have to say it's just excellent. Those BBT fans are going above and beyond with regards to portraying the characters.
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