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I have news for you Alberta, its not just white women who have nannies. That is absolute BS! I know lots of minority prof. women, including Chinese and East Indian friends who have live in caregivers. Mothers have every right to be careful and exercise concern over who they leave their child with. Personally, I would never dream of denying food or exploiting someone who is living and working in my home. I am happy these reforms are coming in to offer some protection. I used to hire nannies on the weekends to help clean my home, as many were willing to do it for extra cash. Most of the nannies I have met live a subsistence living in their employers homes on a tiny salary with very little personal freedom and almost no personal space. Its also clearly a hardship for them to be away from their families and to only speak on the phone with their children in villages every few weeks. Its ridiculous they have to pretty much be indentured servants for that long until they can claim residency. I think the time line should be shortened to 2 yrs.