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Somewhere in Canada
Interests: Beatles, Pink Floyd, History, Aviation, Russia, Russian women, ect. I am against islamization of our western culture.
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Remember Canada's aspiring future Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says "respect it"
RECA is nothing more than a dictatorship and are not your friends - especially to Real Estate Appraisers. Licensing of them was done against the will of most appraisers in Alberta. There should have been a vote on this issue. And the sad thing is that now that appraisers are licensed, they are controlled by a dictatorship. There is no democratic process within this bureaucratic organization! What has happened since the licensing of appraisers? Are there any benefits? No! What I have witnessed is hefty fines against appraisers who forget to renew their membership. These lapses are honest mistakes and it is not fair! Shame on you RECA!
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on Alternative Business Models and You at RECA Blog
I like him too. Reminds me of Pat Condell. He will be cair's target of smear campaigns.God bless him!
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on Wild Bill for America! at Atlas Shrugs
I am glad there is a rock icon along with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent who is actually saying the right things...
This is a disgrace to Britain and I am appalled. Britain, fight back, even if it means to start a civil war. Great Britain, you cannot allow evil to flourish with political correctness. Take back your country now!
Toggle Commented May 10, 2011 on Supporting Bin Laden in London at Atlas Shrugs
What would even make Pamela Geller "more interesting" is if she could speak French in Russian...
Remember this... islam has never apologized to 9-11, Beslan, London-Moscow Metro bombings, muslim sacrifice of a 5 year old Ukrainian boy in a playground, Fort Hood terror shootings, Mumbai Hotel bombings, Bali suicide bombings, and on and on and on...
Lenin-McCarthy is now following Pamela Geller
Apr 25, 2010
This is indeed disturbing! Time for England to take their country back. But it's too late!
Q. What does Obama hate? A. America!
Political correctness is giving in to this ugly ideology. I saw this coming...
According to the TROP website there have been 0 terror attacks in Kazakhstan since 9-11-2001. Search it an see.
This is what Obama, America left and the New York Times supports...
It's only a matter of time that one of them will succeed. Will that wake up America? What Obama the Llama says about islam? "Respect it!".
Here is the truth that started the war in Georgia...
First the Novgorod train bombing and now Moscow Metro. I hope this will wake up the sleeping giant. Now the other sleeping giant needs to wake up.
This is the first piece of legislation to deal with anti-dhimmitude in North America and I hope this legislation flies. All eyes of the state, provincial and federal governments will be on Quebec. I hope they will follow the same suit. Time to take back North America from the muslims.
I hope she loses permanent custody of her child. Islam is now endangering the life of her son. I hope he is looked after by social services.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on Jihad Jamie's Jihad Spawn at Atlas Shrugs
It is no surprise to me. ACLU is pro-abortion, pro-islam, anti-family, and anti-Judeo/Christian.
Glenn Beck is one "useful-idiot" you cannot argue with...
The islamic fascists sympathizers are getting desperate. How low will they go?
This is another terror attack on American soil and should be listed as an islamic terror attack on the TROP website.
Can you imagine a judge or bailiff swearing in a witness... "Do you swear to tell a lie; the whole lie and nothing but the lie?"
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2010 on "Truth is the New Hate Speech" at Atlas Shrugs
America better support Israel or it will suffer consequences if it does not.