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Ottawa, Ontario
One line? Seriously?
Interests: knitting, gaming, debating, reading, blogging, walking, eating, papercrafting, watching select movies, watching select tv shows
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I agree too. Plus, I also enjoy the fact that minor hiccups are not edited out. Like, "Oh, did I just get a text message/email? Let me just read that real quick before I move on..."
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Also, it's a 14-hour Greyhound ride from "home" to NYC, so I couldn't attend something cool there, either.
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First of all, ALWAYS order your own sweet potato fries. They are the bomb. Second of all, you are not old, because if you are old then that means that I am almost old, and I refuse to accept that possibility. Third of all - I know it SHOULD be "thirdly" but whatever - I would purchase episodic releases of an audio version of "Memories of the Future," provided they were resonably inexpensive. Fourth of all, why does everything cool happen on the West Coast? Wait, that's inaccurate... Why does everything cool happen either in NYC or on the West Coast? It's not like I can leave work at 3 PM and make it out to LA or Seattle for something cool and get back here in time for work at 7 AM, and that's assuming I didn't need to ever sleep.
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Oct 23, 2009