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artist - documenting her studiowork
Interests: growing, playing, looking, examining, constructing
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Today the final day of the 'Fabric of Dance' exhibition at the Queens Hall, saw 5 young dancers take to the stage to learn a little about how the costumes of the period with their tightly corseted bodices and hooped skirts influenced the movements that dancers were able to make. The girls quickly picked up two Elizabethan Dances the Pavane and the Farandole and went on to beautifully adapt the steps, classic courtly movements and postures into ther own piece using the notataion patterns on the floor. The dancers created wonderful shadows layered over and between those cast by the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2012 at Julia Barton Studioworks
Download 01 Track 01 1 Walking into the gallery this afternoon a couple where gliding across the floor and around the costumes, enjoying the atmosphere of the show, adding movement to the lights and music on this temporary stage . Tomorrow a group of young people will join the sculptures on the dance floor to interpret the dance notation on the floor, before the show ends. I hope the addition of the music adds to the virtual atmosphere of Fabric of Dance on the blog. The track featured is by Katey Doherty Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2012 at Julia Barton Studioworks
'A celebration of form and dance, drawing on the sculptural construction of Elizabethan costume and period choreography, with extending shadows drawing out the memory of movement.' 'Fabric of Dance' is an exhibition in which I have had the rare and satisfying opportunity to integrate finished work '3 sculptural wire costumes' together with of images of inspiration, samples and documentation of the making. A limited edition (50) of Traces pattern instructions are for sale from the artist, a set of four A1 sheets, £70 including postage & packing. Shadow costume prints below are also available £40 each (1.3m x 800mm) The... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2012 at Julia Barton Studioworks
…a structure 120m long x 6.7m wide with weight restrictions to enable it to rotate over a river. On August 13th teams of people worked on the Swing Bridge over the Tyne River to transform the carriageway into ‘Lost & Found’ a pop up garden for the First Bridges Festival Inspiration for the garden came from imagining that Lord Armstrong (the famous industrialist & engineer of the bridge) had created a secret garden, which had been lost and would be now found by residents and visitors of Newcastle & Gateshead over the festival weekend. Design Impression The design incorporated... Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2011 at Julia Barton Studioworks
has now been prompted into life through my work as a creative practitioner in schools. In preparation for exploring the senses through wind I have begun playing with making mobiles and have quickly been drawn into the wonders of making structures that oscillate according to the length of horizontal bars the distribution & weight of suspended elements, length of line, etc Excited by this simple movement I have been experimenting with carbon fibre rods , acrylic tubing and lead weights, with which I have made a suspended sequence of forms based on period dance notation. Mesmerised by oscillations and fascinated... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2010 at Julia Barton Studioworks
Over the past year I have begun to imagine my work moving in some way, be it through animation of models or by creating mechanical elements which could perhaps become interactive operated by the viewer. To date I have explored suction & gravitational pull through pipes to move water along transparent tubing with solar powered pumping devices. I am now experimenting with compressing air chambers to push cables & in turn move connected objects. Inspired by a visit to the Joyous Machines: Tingluey exhibition at the Tate Liverpool in December 2009, I am presently immersed in devising simple kinetic devices... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2010 at Julia Barton Studioworks
22. …in the shared studio It is the sun that finally suggests my intervention as I move around the space and casts my shadow on the wall between crossed out text 22.september 09 in 1:15 at last made it to this space! already strong lines connections, words created…. the peace of the room is expansive and i instantly lie down content to be here the radiator ticks at times as i begin to focus on the space and wonder if and how to make a work. how difficult it is to add another layer, materials i brought lay redundant until... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2010 at Julia Barton Studioworks
Throughout 2009 two fellow artists Karen Rann, Claudia Sacher & I have been meeting in each others studios to discuss our respective ideas, thoughts & dilemma’s. A development on from our meetings has been a collective experiment using Claudia’s empty studio. We each visited the space individually when we could and responded to the place & each others interventions. The results of which are now documented in a pack of image & text cards, entitled shared studioworks , a limited number of which are available from myself or After years of not having a group to share creative... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at Julia Barton Studioworks
My involvement in staging recent theatrical collaborations and many site specific installations has fed into ideas for potential narratives of a group of maquettes & assemblages I have recently created. Two of these maquettes I made to remind myself to keep looking at the ‘Big Picture’ as I invariably go off on tangents and get obsessed with some small element of an idea & miss something important or beautiful staring me in the face. As these pieces were created with a purpose of 'aid memoir' I am now sketching out storyboards for making short simple animation sequences on this Big... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at Julia Barton Studioworks
Studio: a space to think, experiment, play, make, re-make, produce, deconstruct, collapse an idea and move on. A place where disparate thoughts & ideas can be brought and given space to breath, and I hope shared in this blog. A place where any divisions & perceived hierarchy in my work are cast aside to reveal the process. studio 3rd jan 09 layering materials – into simple sketches is a way in which I can indulge my fascination & enjoyment of playing & making – at the same time as keep re-looking at material combinations with which to work Drawing lines... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2009 at Julia Barton Studioworks