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Anthony Bordieri
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Im not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but if you were to do an episodic release of the Memories book and charge a small amount for each (The combined price for each equaling the full cost of an audio book, if that even works.) Allowing people to purchase the synopsis for their favorite season 1 episodes or all of them for the full price. Even though I own the book i'd probably pick up a few of the readings for some of my favorite bad episodes. Additional content would be great and an extra incentive to purchase it though. I do look forward to more of your audio work! P.S. I'm 26 but to show how doomed I was to be a wonderfully huge nerd my first video game system was the Pong home system, followed by a Coleco Vision and the Intellivision. The 2600 was a huge upgrade, but I still have all the old systems. They're still fun to play though!
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