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If they're not hurting you then why the hell does anything need to change about them? I conclude from this that truth and reality have no inherent value for you.
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Your apparent goal of guiding people away from a spiritual life is just as abhorrent to me as the nutjobs who try to force me into being straight.really? you were born believing in nonexistent things? sorry, but no. Religion/spirituality and sexuality are not both inborn qualities, and as such your comparison is an insultingly false equivalence. Militant atheism doesn't sit with people any better than militant religion does.another insultingly false equivalence.
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Unfortunately you do come off as intolerant, because you are. And you seem to think that anyone who believes in "god" is a member of a religion, which isn't always the case. why precisely do you think it's relevant whether believers in the supernatural are part of a religion or not? the result is the same: their beliefs are empirically wrong or unfalsifiable, and their belief normalizes the belief in wrong and unfalsifiable things.
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