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His injury is legit. Maybe he's good enough to travel, but if it's unlikely he'd play, why bother exposing your player to the harassment he'll get. From a Rapids' perspective, it makes sense and I don't think it's cowardly in any way. That said, I'm bummed I won't have the chance to boo him.
Could scarcely be a worse weekend for injuries.
Let's compare trophy cases Portland. Oh wait, you don't have one yet. :)
Arlo White for the Sounders did play by play for the first half, they switched roles for the 2nd half to be fair to both teams.
Come on boys take them all!
Can't wait. Assuming that would be an A team call-up.
Yeah, and as much as I like to mock Parke, he's really done well. I thought losing Hurtado was the end of the season.
Looks great and can't way to try it out. I've been looking for a solution to archiving for a while. Unfortunately I don't have my own server. Is there another way to run it? Thanks again, will be passing this around to all my local government colleagues.
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