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Alright Coach Spo get in those recievers faces they need it!!! Remind them that they get paid just to catch a dam ball!!! email me if u want some motivational yelling tips the military is full of them. GO DOLPHINS!!!
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Excuse me Pace but Henne only threw for short yardage? Tedd Ginn our reciever that can't catch during crunch time caught it for 53 yards (I think). That was without the YAC so yea true it was a first down and then some. I don't think the defense is good enough to stop the run especially with Jenkins out but now they won't stop the pass because we WILL be throwing the ball short when Ginn goes deep and we WILL pick up first downs and TD's all up in dat a___ (sorry guys I'm hyped up)GO DOLPHINS!!!
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Is Roth doing good in practice?(It sounds wierd saying that) NJPHINFAN Murphy might not be cut because Bucs need linemen and since throwing is in his genes maybe he could play QB(just kidding)
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Armando, Braylon Edwards is going to be another Roy Williams. Roy was dubbed as a "great" reciever before Megatron popped up. The repetition between the 2 are going to literally "f" them up. Agree with me or not but a reciever is only as great as the QB lets you be. If the QB can't get you the ball then you will never be dubbed a "great" reciever. Edwards drops his balls whether he's covered or wide open so I really don't see a reason for us to go after him. His former QB Anderson made a 1 yr hit and it wasn't because of Edwards "great" skilsth. Anyways I do think Turner could be that missing link if he gets his chances on the field. Repetition makes perfect. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!
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