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My copy of Memories Of The Future arrived here in sunny Australia yesterday, and I slacked off in my cubicle for a few minutes to read a bit. I'm so glad you've been doing these podcasts because as I'm reading the text, I can not only read the words but hear, in my head, the way you say the things you've written. It adds somewhat to the experience. It struck me that the answer to the "Should I have become an actor or a writer?" question is that being both has resulted in a creation that is more than the sum of its parts. Many excellent writers have books in audiobook form, read by famous and skilled actors/voice artists. But to have the set of skills you have - to be able to do it yourself and be funny and interesting and entertaining .. it really brings the reader into the story.
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Oh and if you were to do the MOTFC books as audiobooks, my brother and I would both buy them. There's some free market research for you. ;)
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Wil, what IS the music at 6:30? Sounds like movie soundtrack kinda music but can't place it.
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