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/me pats yestbay's wife (on the head, and kindly - not condescendingly), and wonders about the odd requests that stars must get from their fans...
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Roasted Hobbits?! Foolish fellow! Everyone knows, you smoke Hobbits. It's a three step process which begins with brining them with 1/2 cup non-iodized salt, 1/2 cup sugar and 1 quart water; then rinse each piece under cold water, thereafter gently patting dry and laying the pieces on paper towel to air dry for one hour; finally, smoking the Hobbits for about 2 hours at 200 F (Hickory, Alder, Apple, Cherry - whatever wood chips suits your tastes). But what to drink? May I suggest a Bollinger, Champagne (France) Brut "Special Cuvée" NV (Imported by Paterno)? Its rich complexity was matched by the rich elegance of the smoked Hobbit. Bon Appetit!
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Thinking about your frog, I found an alien (that popped out of my chest) that sang and danced across a diner counter; I don't really want to talk about it, it was a painful memory.
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I think both Rolemaster(RM) and Warhammer did that. But yeah RM had those weird mega tables that once you found where you were supposed to be looking said stuff like, "The slice of the newly sharpened blade cuts your second toe off on your left foot which makes you limp for the next 1d4 days, and lowers your CHA by 2, or by 8 for Dwarven females with a foot fetish." - perhaps a tad too much detail. However, I liked the RM concept of rolling a number greater than 100 (by rolling again every time you roll 96-100 or somesuch range). It allowed for more realistic odds. The D20 minimum of 5% for almost everything - especially failing saves no matter who you are and what your bonuses be - DON'T GET ME STARTED! - makes my ass twitch. I also loved the character defects that you could choose to have... one of my characters had a fascination with furry things, and was easily distracted by fire... was in quirk-heaven when in "survival mode" we had to roast squirrels. "Ooh... furry! ...ooh... fire... furry... fire... ooh..." Good times. :)
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I tried AD&D once. In the late 80s some friends in Jr. High started a campaign and invited me to play - I didn't like it. The story scared me; I walked with my character through every step worrying about death at every turn - he didn't die, but the weight of impending doom was too much. But worse than that was that was that no one else seemed to care about anything except the treasure and xp. "Does it look valuable?" "Can we pry the gems out?" "If I kill him in his sleep, do I get his stuff and xp?" - no one even stopped to consider this world that we were immersed in or the story that was taking place around us - through us. I soon turned to computer rpg - even BBS rpg - because no one could ruin my immersion. It still scared the hell out of me at times, and to this day I always tweak inside a little when a character is about to die, but I learned to deal with it - to separate myself enough from my character that he could die and it wouldn't give me a seizure. That's the problem with good RPG stories sometimes (matched with active imaginations) - things get "too real" - and the emotions that one would normally feel about the protagonist are enhanced because that protagonist is you. (or an aspect thereof) Regardless, I still play both 4th Ed. and computer versions (recently had to quit WoW though), and still enjoy the stories immensely. Thanks for that jaunt down memory dark-passageway, Wil. :)
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