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Oh thank god. I thought I was a terrible hack for doing this all the time.
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Little late to add to this, but I happen to be one of those kids who watched TNG growing up and Crusher was definitely a big influence on me. Now I'm 30 with 10 years in the analyst biz and most co-workers regard my skills with contorting numbers as something not unlike sorcery. So thanks for bein a teen geek role model before all that sh*t became cool.
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Just the science geek in me, but it's not just you projecting your feelings on Riley. ( A lot of recent evidence is coming out that all social animals have some degree of empathy, and Dogs are incredibly social animals, particularly since they regard us Humes as just a different shaped dog. When I was just a teenager, we had a whole pack of rottweilers, and what we all thought was the toughest of the lot, our canine matron CiCi, lost a battle to cancer we didn't even know she was having. Her Mate, our goofy Hunter, pretty much just gave up after losing her. His love for her pretty cemented in my mind that animals feel just like humans do, if only more simply and innocently. I am incredibly sorry for your loss (and my belated posting) and to let you know Riley is truly trying to help share the burden.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on in which some comfort is found at WWdN: In Exile
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