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For many companies Yammer is an issue for as long as it remains an "online only" version. - If you're in a highly regulated industry you may be limited in your hosting choices. Our security teams required us to use an internally hosted solution. - If you're in Europe data sharing regulations mean that any hosting of data by a US company is problematic due to a conflict with the US FISA and Patriot Act legislation - which Microsoft/Yammer would have to comply with. That plus the "One of the problems with SharePoint has always been that the marketing enthusiasm has outpaced the deployment reality" mean that Newsgator (and similar tools) on top of SP will remain a solid choice for large companies.
I wrote about this on my blog ( a while ago, more in the context of a physical product that you are selling online. I think the 4 P's still apply, but have to be re-thought for the online world we live in. Companies, even big reluctant ones, are realising that the first time your potential customer meets you is online and they need a whole new plan for that. Of course it may be true that it's easier to come up with a new model than to re-think and re-learn an old one.
I couldn't agree more - and it's an ongoing "discussion" in my company. It's really interesting where some of the stock imagery turns up. One image used as a central image on one of my company's sites is also a cover image for a book by Nicholas Sparks. Nothing against Nicholas Sparks, but what does that say about our brand. So thanks for the timely reminder.
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My eyes! My eyes! I think you should reply with this link
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