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Guzan probably wont decide until Villa's status in the BPL is confirmed for next season. Randy Lerner is broke so everyone across the board, according to reports, is being asked to cut his wages by 10k(pounds) a week. Two choices, you can be a BPL backup for Shay Given for the next 8 years, assuming Villa stay up or be the starter for Villa in the Championship at a reduced wage. Personally, I think he should come back to MLS, get steady time and stay in shape. After the debacle that was the USMNT Olympic qualifying, who is going to be Tim's No. 2 come qualifying for Brazil?
There is something to that complaint by Barca. Arsenal made the same complaint in the Round of 16. You could tell after 5 minutes of watching the game that there was pitch issues. Guys were slipping everywhere. The complaints dont really bother me at all. Its called home field advantage. Guardiola should consider himself lucky to not being coming home with a 2-0 deficit to overturn. Milan finishing was shambolic at best.
Donovan not in matchday squad and Ream in starting XI.
Im thinking its more of a Neo discovering he can dodge bullets kind of WHOA!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Erlan Gaston Mealla at Soccer By Ives
Um, where are you playing these games though. Show me an NFL team who wants to give up their stadium midseason for a soccer tournament. The tournament requires a large seater NFL type stadium. Also whose going to want to play this in the northeast come December so that means were looking at West Coast, Florida or Texas. LA Coliseum, out. HDC is too small, Dolphins are in season, Cowboys Stadium in use and has no natural grass. Its not just ticket sales, its stadium availability.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Japan was the original choice when it was called the Toyota World Club Cup, switched to the middle east for a couple of years, and now back to Japan under the FIFA CWC. To have it in the US would mean it would go up against NFL, NHL, and in a non lockout year, the NBA. Not to mention out of all the games in the tournament, the only one worth watching is the final. Don't think you could sell fans in the US on some of those African/Middle East/Asian teams. The only way I could see this ever happening is if one of the MLS teams finally wins the CONCACAF Champions League.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Well 49ers win in a shootout. Classic game of a more talented team being too impatient to break down an inferior opponent. All credit to Charlotte. A solid gameplan to play on the counter. They didnt do much offensively all game, but then again neither did Creighton. Now on to the main event.
As a Liverpool fan, absolutely disgusted with the result. A couple posts hit, Carroll had 2 clear chances one of which rolled up his standing leg, the other saved from 5 yards. A second look at the Spearing red card was way worse live, no complaints there. A rare blunder by Reina was the difference in the end, and that happens MAYBE once a season with him. Continuing this worrying trend of Liverpool overperforming against the Top 6 and not putting away inferior teams. Lastly, not keeping pace with the Top 6 will hurt come May. We need to buy another striking option because Carroll doesnt really fit the pass and move philosophy. As an alternative option, sure, but they need a guy who scores goals. For all the wizardry of Suarez and terrifying pace of Bellamy, they just dont score enough goals for me at the moment. As an American, HOORAY for Deuce because he was on my fantasy team this week!!!
Good on Neymar staying for the World Club Championship. Similar situation with Sandro and Spurs last season. Or this could mean, Santos will hold off until then and if he does well they jack the price up 10 million. Surely Neymar did nothing to increase his value at Copa America, so this seems like a win-win. I heard on 5 live that the Tevez deal fell thru because Timao wanted to pay 40 million across 4 years whereas City wanted it over 2 years. My thing is City certainly don't need the money, Tevez doesn't want to stay, why not just take any deal. especially with Aguero coming in? Doesnt make sense. Surely the other players have got to be sick of this staying/going talk that has lasted across 2 seasons.
Give the guy 15 games. Its early enough in the season so that the Rapids can feel the loss but gives Mullan the hope of playing again this season. As bad as that tackle is, I've seen worse.
If anyone had any doubts Agudelo isnt Henry's apprentice, those questions have been answered after that goal. here's a link to that goal Harkes referred to when Agudelo scored.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Red Bulls dominate D.C. in 4-0 win at Soccer By Ives
I was a liverpool fan long before we had american owners and will be one when or if they go. and yes, i am american. Pretty cold statement about the accident considering they just had a tribute yesterday. Stay classy buddy.
On a purely personal level as a Liverpool fan, it disgusts me that Chelsea fans cant even come up with their own Fernando Torres song. There was a photo of the Chelsea fans copying Liverpool's El Nino sign, in blue, and they forgot to take out the Shankly Gates. For God Sakes man!!! Get your own history. I didnt know that was part of the transfer as well. What a bunch of Johnny Come Latelys. On a football level, Chelsea are playing great right now. Looking like Mourinho's boys back in the day when they were methodically beating teams. A dominating performance.
cup tied
Sorry to say it, but it looks like Lichaj might have some trouble getting back into the team. This kid Walker looks the business today. On another note, glad to see my team finally sacked Hodgson. Would like to see Kenny til the end of the season, then bring in Michael Laudrup. The guy has coached Getafe into Europe in a difficult La Liga the last 4 years. They play some of the best football in the league. It might be a longshot but I'd like to see them take a chance on him. Just sayin'
Kinda hard to vote against Landon this year, especially in a World Cup Year. The guy was everywhere. Its pretty clear he has this year's award locked up. One has to think though that in the running for next year's award, Stu Holden has the early advantage. I know its early but he's ballin for real over there at Bolton. I also find it interesting that in the running for young player you have Gale, but not Diskkerud or Agudelo. Even Lichaj. Anyone know the criteria on Young Player of the year. Certainly those guys should've been listed.
Couldnt care less about Edu at CB. Probably had more to do with a new formation, roster selection, and perhaps just wanting to let Edu get a game. This game was about 2 people. Gooch and Jozy. Gooch isnt playing at all in Italy and hasnt since the preseason. Jozy is playing sporadically in the Europa League and making the bench in La Liga. I think he plays his best when he is a lone striker. He needs to learn that position to be successful for the USMNT. In Spain, the teams and the style of game in general arent geared to a traditional holdup striker. He needs a move back to England to help him learn that. Overall a good game for the fans. Also, 4-2-3-1, by far is my preferred formation. It offers solidity in defense and multiple numbers on a counter which is the way I think the USMNT plays best. Thats it.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on USA settles for tie vs. Poland at Soccer By Ives
I thought he did a very good job. Besides the Bruce Lee antics of DeJong, which deserves a red card PLUS a ban, he made every decision. The Pujol/Robben play was the very definition of advantage. Its not Webb's fault that Robben couldnt capitalize. However, the next break in play, Pujol should have been booked. These were the only 2 incidents i took issue with. Truth be told, it was amazing he was able to keep all 22 men on the field until it was absolutley necessary for him to send off Heitinga. Cant understand the Dutch argument. You have a clear tactic to kick the living hell out of every Spain player, but complain about the ref calling all these fouls and handing out all these cards. Once Spain could sense what the dutch were doing, they started to flop like fish but only because they knew the Dutch were making easy for them to do so. In reality, if Robben scores none of this would be a talking point. I guess they dont have mirrors in Holland becuase thats where they'd find the reason for the loss. They shouldve took a lesson from the US/Spain game last year. Score first, play hard but not dirty, and show no fear. they were right on the show no fear part but that was it
What a save by Lloris on Aurelio. Unbelievable. Liverpool should have 2. In injury time as we speak