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2009 was quite possibly the worst year of my life. Not going to get into it here, but I wrote about it on my blog: I'm glad 2009 is going to die soon. Rot in hell 2009, long live 2010!
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2009 on it was a very good year... at WWdN: In Exile
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I guess that means Codex is The Guild's Luke. Tink should have said "You're all clear kid, let's blow this thing and get out of here!" Or maybe I'm just geeking out so hard I'm genre crossing again.
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Best... finale... EV-VER! Can't wait for next season, and glad @evilwilw is going to continue complicating things for the knights of good. All of the actors did a great job during the season, so I hope there's going to be regular cameos by the other members of the AoA. I loved to hate them! :) I wonder if the next season is going to be The Guild's "Empire Strikes Back"....
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Cold? In So-Cal? Check Winnipeg:
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Hey Will, You and I are the same age, and I remember playing every edition but fourth (going to try it very soon though), and most of the other RPGs that were around then. I also remember that time as a golden age of imagination. Over the years, I spent most of my gaming time as DM/GM/Storyteller/etc. The one thing I kept in mind was that no matter how many charts and tables, and how much calculus was needed to compute the results of an action, my job was to create an immersive story with engaging characters, well improv'd dialogue, voice acting, and even mood lighting. I steered away from minis and maps to help my players visualise during combat, and to force me to visualise right along with them and describe things in a way where they could "see" what was going on in their mind's eye. This has worked wonders for me over the years, and I've never lost that magical feeling of being whisked away to strange and wonderful places when I play, and my players (whomever they are at the time) seem to come right along with me. It's been harder to find the time to game being a husband and a father of 3 young children (no more 72 hour sessions I'm afraid) , but I still ensure I make time to unwind, to escape from my worldly duties and responsibilities, and dive into magical places that I hope to share with my kids one day. I hope you find this kind of game again, if you haven't already. May all of your hits be crits.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on senses working overtime at WWdN: In Exile
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