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Dearc3cmom, What makes he amused at the whole thing is the attendants. Some of them do nothing and the gas is in the tank before they even come out to the pump. If there must be full serve here, why are purchasers paying for someone to work the convenience store as well? I think having an option of services would work far better than the present one used locally. Thanks for writing. AND beware--fulling your own tank violates the law unless you own the station. Pat.
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Dear Random, Jersey prices are still lower than in most other states. Hubby always does self-serve when he can--faster and cheaper. I personally think there should be a choice. I also think someone should be available for people like the handicapped who have difficulty. Since you literally have been there in your WA adventures, you understand. I bet onlookers could laugh at this if it were ion Funniest Moments. Thanks for writing. Pat.
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