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Awesome! I just bought Small World for my bro for Christmas without having played it first. But since you, Wil Wheaton, like it as well as other games I like (Dominion is my fave), it should be good. Now with any luck, he doesn't already have it! If he does have it, I guess my game stash grows by one game and I get him something else. It's win-win if you ask me!
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Hey Wil, it sounds a lot like You should contact Suzanne Beecher via that site and get some of your books included in their weekly reads if you haven't already. I can't tell you how many great books I have come across by reading those exerpts. She e-mails out an exerpt over the course of a week (you can choose from many genres). There are also lots of good giveaways from her blog. :) Gotta love the free stuff!
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I just had a quarter baked acorn squash (with brown sugar and butter - mmmmmm!) and some curried carrot soup for lunch. So I can totally relate to how good a Harvest (with jazz hands) meal can be! How is your hand that you burned?
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