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"Yes Adrian Peterson is better all around, but facemask-to-facemask against a defender and running him over, Brown is superior right now." Better all around? I disagree. Adrian Peterson is a better pure rusher than Ronnie, but only a better rusher. AP is stronger, faster, and probably has better vision. Ronnie is better at the other tasks of the position: namely, pass protection and receiving. That's not to say Ronnie is a slouch at rushing, and of course he's the engine that makes the Wildcat go. Ronnie is a more complete player. I would compare Ronnie more to LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk than Adrian Peterson. Coincidentally, LT has also thrown an NFL touchdown pass, just like Ronnie has (last year to Fasano against the Pats.) AP is an absolute monster of a rusher whose Hall of Fame talent level is obvious to anyone who watches, but he's only a rusher. He's not a good receiver or pass protector. Chester Taylor comes in on passing downs because he provides the skills that AP doesn't. But isn't it nice that Ronnie is finally being used correctly and getting some national recognition for it? Imagine how highly Ronnie would be regarded if he had played all 16 games of that amazing 2007 season.
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