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I'm part-Jap, too. If I ever get marginally famous, will PRI send you out to interview me, too? Because I really want to eat a lunch on PRI's tab before I's on a checklist I made back in high school.
I bet it killed him to leave out the mayonnaise and corn.
Magibon is currently rotting on the pile of old YouTube memes right now. She got carted over to Japan and put on TV where it was revealed that not only was she completely devoid of Japanese ability, she is also unattractive from any camera angle but top down. She tanked almost immediately after that. So she might be something to laugh at in Japan, but her 15 minutes was up in the rest of the world about 2 years ago.
Non-alcoholic beer still has small levels of alcohol. ANY alcohol is bad for a developing fetus. These women are morons.
Just about every Japanese hiphop artist has done something similar to this (check Jazztronik, M-flo and so on)...but I think this is the first one about Kankuu.
Whales are tasty and whaling is part of Japanese traditional culinary culture, just as it is in the independent Inuit nation. There are better ways to stop it than being stupid and claiming "a courageous act". Japanese courts do NOT work like US courts. They will be lucky to get a ruling in 2 or 3 years...and the judges are not impartial.
Woo!! Us Okinawans LOVE us some Jake Shimabukuro! He's 100% UCHINA! Right on!
I have a US license and I also tested and passed for my Japanese license. Japanese drivers are pretty good unless they're rushed or the narrow roads are clogged with cars (which is often). I much prefer driving in Japan than the US. At least the speeds are lower so the accidents are much less lethal.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on Driving in Japan v. driving in the US at TOKYOMANGO
I also saw a lot of smoking stations out on the busier streets. I liked these smoking rooms because they had vending machines inside where I could get Dunhill Fine Cuts, the only cigarette worth dying for and sold NOWHERE else in Japan but Tokyo! Those are all I'll ever smoke and when they ran out, I quit. Okinawa, other than Kokusai Dori, has no such bans and I wonder if Tokyo's example will be followed.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on Free smoking space at TOKYOMANGO
I'm more interested in that 1900 yen complete haircut on the second floor. I wonder if "Lando" is Lando Calrissian. They'd be open today, too.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2010 on Come check out our housing gallely at TOKYOMANGO
My last name is a "slave name" that, like most of our names, is basically ateji, or phonetic matching that we got when Japan conquered us. I am not sure how Okinawans named themselves before the Japanese came, but some of the older folks on the island still have short, Okinawan first names like Kon.