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Donald Thomas- let go because of upgrades at the position and Injury bug. (very likely to be injured again and not play whole season). The risk out-weighed the reward. Pat Turner- had a year and a half to tighten up routes.... did not... and out-performed by undrafted rookies in practices and games. He will run the same piss-poor routes in New Jersey. Did not bite as pup (more of a nibble). Pat White- mistake to change throwing motion, was never the same after and it affected his confidence. He is a very hard worker, but was down-right scary in games (and practices) for us last year. Should go back to throwing way he did in college and has a better chance of success in a West Coast offense.
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All the injuries, minor surgeries, and rookies on second team... the sky must be falling and it looks like the Jets will win the OTA Superbowl for the second year in a row.
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I agree with tampafin on Dexter Jackson from Appalachian State. He was a second round pick for the Bucs in 2008 (way to early-projected as a 4th or 5th) and he hurt his ankle in the first preseason game this year and has not played since. The money as a second rounder,the injury, and only serviceable KR/PR duties had a lot to do with cutting ties so early. A real interesting prospect from the same school is Armanti Edwards. He is projected as a 7th round pick as a wildcat quarterback/wide receiver type ala Pat white. Being an App fan and a Fin fan I would of loved to see him playing for the fins.
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