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Congratulations to you both. Here's to many more happy anniversaries! You seem like a wonderful couple. Gives me hope I'll find my best friend someday who gets me the way you two get each other. :)
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Longtime reader and fan, though I almost never comment. (Sorry, I should more often. Just feel like a newbie too much, I guess.) But I had to comment on this because of the pure visceral reaction I had to the line, "I miss being able to close my eyes and picture the zombies and skeletons lining that hallway, knowing that the way I saw them was different from the way my friend Simon saw them, even though he was sitting right next to me." I think that just summed up a really powerful idea of childhood then versus now. For me, it was books and toys rather than RPGs, but the concept is the same. Imagination was so key back then. Even now, re-reading books from when I was 12 or 13, I know I'm picturing the worlds differently now than I did then, and different from when my brother read them too, but just as clearly. When I played with action figures or whatever toys I had, I didn't need backdrops or playsets; they were all in my head (even if my brother was picturing slightly different worlds as we played together). When I discovered fanfiction, I realized I didn't even need the action figures, though I still have all of them. :) I do worry, a bit, for the imaginations of kids today where so much of their entertainment is video games that recreate whole worlds in photo-realistic detail (compared to Atari and early PC games when we were little), for example, and reading is so often down-played. Even with the popularity of Harry Potter, the stories are now recreated as movies so the "truth" of what those characters/sets/monsters look like is now sort of fixed. And god I feel old writing that as a 24-year-old. I think I just was born into an odd transitional period where technology lies. But I was thinking of this sort of thing seeing a play of Macbeth on campus that was amazingly rich and engrossing despite minimal props and a tiny stage. It's part of why I love theatre even more than movies, I think. Movies and TV can be great experiences and I love them, but there's something so special to plays and books for story-telling. The reader/viewer's more engaged somehow, more part of the story. Anyway, sorry to ramble but that line about different perceptions of a shared experience really struck a chord deep in me. And is kind of intriguing my muse too, as one of my original stories in progress is about an author pulled into the world of his creation. Seems like that idea could come into play somehow... If I ever actually finish and get published, I owe you for helping trigger that train of thought. So thank you for the memories and the inspiration! Love the blog and apologize for not commenting more often. Best to you and your family!
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2009 on senses working overtime at WWdN: In Exile
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