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paul finebum is exactly that, a bum. hes a master of the obvious; Alabama all the time. he doesn't even offer insightful reasoning behind his pick or make a case for the other team. and when saban called him out at the beginning of fall camp, he curled back in his shell like a little bitch.
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did u all see the new cowboys center called the star? u r going to start seen nfl facilities lie that, been grand like college facilities.
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umike,cocane, y don't u all round up some boys and go over to that car rental and ask them whats up? lets do it Miami style. because what was done to those boys was just wrong. you know what snitches get...
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OGV, while I have chosen to hold my tongue on endorsement of any new coach until results or lack there of are evident, and without trying to sound too critical, so u don't take my words as 'shots fired,' Your comments do come across strikingly negative. It's almost as if u wish ill of the program. Again, maybe u see some things that I and others are blind to as of now, still I think we r all worn out from all the failed attempts to revive the program by a string of 'latest and greatest' up and coming coaches. And that burn out makes us yearn for success for richt. And those of us that r not willing to go out on a limb yet to call him the next great U coach or those that might be of a negative disposition like your self are better served by adopting a 'wait & see' strategy. But I do not understand that even with your perceived issues with this line up of players and coaches, u don't at least hope for a better outcome, despite.......this is how I feel your article should have been framed/constructed. IJS/wondering!
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2016 on A Year Of Accomplishment And Change at Canespace
We'll just post here then.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2016 on Richt Hits His Mark at Canespace
I thought the NCAA passed a rule prohibiting satellite camps? Please verify.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2016 on Time Is On Our Side at Canespace
TBC, y r u even commenting on sports? SMFH!
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Someone here described our facility as a boutique type. They were dead on. Let's compare it to retail stores. The big ones like Oregon, FSU, & Bama r like a huge GAP store. While Miami is like a Comme de gacon store; chick & sexy as hell but not waste fully huge.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2016 on Juice, Juice Baby at Canespace
Came to Miami for the day from NYC. At the U campus right now. Donna shalala did a hell of a job with this place. Everything looks different. Couldn't find my way to my old residential college, Hecht. There is more to wooing recruits than just the sports facility. It takes the whole campus. And this campus is Fucking 'Sick.' This is some next level shit. The new student center/Union is jaw dropping. U r not bringing any recruit to this campus that will not be impressed.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2016 on Juice, Juice Baby at Canespace
I agree with lurker on this. Y is everyone getting 'their nickers in wad about.' He's not wrong. U don't need the winning percentage of a Ken Dorsey in college to go first round. Dorsey went really late and was unsuccessful in the league with all his success in college anyhow. The 1st round draft is littered with QBs that came from suck ass teams in college. Now if u r talking about winning the heisman, then the formula is, u have to be good and u have to play on a good team in college to win. So I really don't see what all the Lurker D*ck riding is all about. Just saying!!
Toggle Commented May 7, 2016 on Is There A Bear In The Bush? at Canespace
Common! TH3 got the same coaching as A1. Don't make excuses for him. He got beat on the regular. Also, Gunther got the same coaching. So is the current DB who did well in spring.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2016 on Is There A Bear In The Bush? at Canespace
DUI not a big deal.
What did he do?
We've spent Billions of dollars on pointless wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.. Which haven't done us any good Posted by: 1mg of Epi | April 22, 2016 at 12:20 AM We haven't been in a war in Libya or Syria. In Lybia, the bombardment was carried out by NATO forces. We provided logistical support. There were not even NATO boots on the ground. We didn't go into Syria when their dictator leader was gassing his own people. It seemed like the right move because u create a void when u remove a leader which is then filled by other sinister actors. Only thing is that ISIS distabilized that region anyway. We've only been carrying out bombing campaign against ISIS. Again, there r no boots on the ground.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2016 on Spring Game Summary at Canespace
I'm sorry u r bitter about this CR. But that's the truth about the law and what Clinton did. Nothing is perfect but that bill was passed for the greater good. I remember that time clearly. Black people were more horrified than anyone else. It's anger misplaced mixed with a little bit of cockiness. And FWIW, Obama is undoing a lot of the bad parts of the law.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2016 on Spring Game Summary at Canespace
Honestly, I'm getting sick of Black Lives Matter. They r a bunch of millennias that have not had to go through what their parents went through, granted, they have their own battles too. The 94 crime bill is been wrongly attacked. There is not one piece of legislation or bill that does not have problems. Since most bills are drafted with compromises, there r usually provisions slipped in their by the opposing party. And the drafting party has to agree to it if they want to get their legislation passed. Unintended consequences come from those items slipped in. The 92 crime bill was necessary. Black leaders came begging the government to do something about the rampant violence and drug use. Kids were peddling drugs in school. Kids were getting shot. Think the movies, 'colors' & Nino brown. The law was passed and it worked. The unintended consequence was the over incarceration of many black youth. Now, don't get me wrong, I think we should always review and see what could have been done better. But to demonize Bill Clinton is just wrong and damn right nasty. Now, 'the war' is over and instead of idolizing the generL that won it, we want to put him on trial for killing a handful of civilians. Guess what, there is always coletaral damage in any war. Monday morning QBs r full of nothing but bull sheet. As for 'super predators,' if u kill other people, u r one. If u give drugs to kids, u r one. If u engage in terror, u r one. So yes, Hillary was right, those conscienceless criminals that did all that were super predators. But don't be judgements like dumb asss and suggested that her intention in using that word was to attribute it to any black person arrested. GIME A TITTY FOKCING BREAK!!! Another example is Chicago; while there r crooked cops around there, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the war zone like violence that is been perpetrated on the black community there by black criminals who r, u guessed it, 'SUPER PREDATORS.' Let's stop wrongfully demonizing a great president.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2016 on Spring Game Summary at Canespace
U guys must have partaken in 4-20 day too much. A lot of 'doom and gloom' scenarios here. First of all, no empire lasts forever; Rome didn't, Persia didn't, Greece didn't, the English didn't. America will not rule the world forever. But it's as sure as hell going to have a hell of a staying power for two reasons; the technology race, a society where u can do what the hell u want. It's hard to see how America will fall behind in the tech race. And the need to be left the fokc alone to do what I want; be it, fokcing a tranny or walking down the street burning the Quran, the bible or the Torah while dressed in a kilt & a sock on top of your head. As to those of u who want to jet back to the 50s, sorry to break it to u, we all don't feel that way, especially for those of us with a different pigmentation and that includes all other races that r not white. SOUP, u r the only one that bring up some good neutral points about y the times r bad. I don't like Bernie either. I'm Hilary all the way. But I digress. The one point is, nothing negative or positive that's going on right now is new or hasn't happened before. And as the saying goes, this too shall pass, my son. To recap, LURKER, I'm with u. I'm having a blast in my time and I'm even more stocked about the future. CANE ON!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2016 on Spring Game Summary at Canespace
It's a well known fact chuck Todd is a big cane fan. He Reps us on MSNBC occasionally. But if u r a righty, u wouldn't watch MSNBC.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2016 on It's Great, To Be, A Miami Hurricane! at Canespace
I was thinking we had no DTs in the 2016 recruiting class. Then I took a close look @ the signed list; we have 2 'DEs,' one @ 285Ibs & the other @ 264Ibs. Those 2 will be 300Ibs & moved to DT before this season starts.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2016 on It's Great, To Be, A Miami Hurricane! at Canespace
It just feels good to be number 1 at something. And couple with an average top 10 backet ball ranking this past season, it helps with the pain of the long trek back to football relevancy.
Thanks guys! Sounds like we finally have a defense.
Guys quiet here about an open scrimmage where many attended. No ones is talking about it. Crickets!!!!
Always love to hear defense winning.
Anyone with info on the scrimmage?
We should vote for the sickest handles on canespace. I vote for COCANE. We need a gay member to adopt 'SUGAR-CANE.'