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Sorry soup! I forgot the 1st rule of canespace; don't mess with the crow. Be SCARED of the CROW! pun intended (couldn't even write that with a straight face)
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No DJ! It only showed how slow Lamar Thomas was.
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If he transfers to bama, it's to compete for the water boy a back up.
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U see, it's just that money can't buy you Love.
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I'm so Miami, I'm still mad @ George Teague stripping the ball from Lamar Thomas during that sugar bowl against Alabama.
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Just saw Gary Peyton & Richard Sherman on the same charity baseball team. #trashtalkolympics
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Sorry! I posted before reading umike's advisory.
I'm shocked any real man would say that's ok. Posted by: Lurker | July 16, 2014 at 10:05 PM U have some misled notions; matter of fact very archaic. I guess there's something to be said about chivalry I guess. Do u also lay down cape when a girl wants to cross the road? What is a real man? Is not hitting a woman when he perceives a threat from her an act that defines a man? U need to examine your believes and reconsider. U seem to be shooting out ideas without considering y or what's behind them. What if a woman hits u in the face just because she thinks she can and there should be no repercussions? What if she does that as often as she wants? And what then becomes of your belief/thinking? Does it still make u a man knowing that her actions are designed to 'spit in your face' or ridicule your notion. U cannot make or stand by a blanket ideal/notion/thought like that.
Lurker, it is self defense if it comes from a woman who is aggressive and relentless and you believe there's a chance she will come after u again. Sheesh lurker. U r taking this way too far. No rule/notion/idea is absolute. There are ifs/not unless. There's no way on this planet or any where u can proclaim that a woman can't be hit unless in self defense which in your case means to have a knife drawn on u. Well if u believe she might do that and u take care of her before it gets to that point. I mean, what if a 6'7'', 290Ibs girl punches u in the mouth? What then? Battle was highly aggressive. And she got what she damn well deserved.
I disagree with all u taking the side of the girl. I agree that men shouldn't hit women....just as much as I agree that a woman should not hit a man. Don't u all see the epidemic. Women feel a lot that they can take swings at men. Imagine an epidemic where women r walking around hitting men. And then what? Act like beetchees & shut up and take it? I'll give u another scenario; what if a 5'6'' guy goes and hits a 7 foot guy and the 7 footer just clobbers him for it. All of u here would be laughing about how the shorty got his ass whooped. What? No sympathy for the physically inferior human being in this case? Or does there have to be a pair of tits & a camel toe on the being's anatomy? It also depends on where one get touched. A tap in the stomach, a hit in the back, a shoulder bump, can all be laughed off. But for someone to 'cold' straight punch u in the face? F' out of here!! And u blame him for retaliating? Your face is the most sensitive, vulnerable place, other than your balls, u can get hit. It also marks the most disrespectable way to get assaulted. Now u have him in pain and disrespected and u don't want him to retaliate. Good luck with that. Simply, anyone of any species, that's right, I said 'species,' has the right to retaliate in like manner when aggression is been perpetuated towards them, it; be it human, cat, dog, bird, alligator. It's one thing to argue for been the better person. But that's a conversation we will leave between Ghandi & mother Theresa. Me, I was brought up with discipline, brought up with a lot of etiquette, and got my edge from Miami. I ain't promising u shiitt! So, good luck if u try that with me.
Is this stuck?
U r funny! U mean wade?
Willie, u r attempting to defend one outlandish statement with another. Riley built the heat. 1st with wade & shaq & then brought Zo back from the nets to help. And then with the big 3 and co. And u obviously think it's a walk in the park managing great players. Managing great players in the pros is a lot different down coaching great college players , even if u just happen to fall into the players.
I have yellow fever!
Coker compared to Riley is not even apples to oranges, it's elephant to iguana. It is so not the same. I mean, good god willie, u could have found another example.
But that was CB's market value. Huston would have gave him that.
U r right about that beer. But has an intelligent person, which I definetly know u r by the contents of your posts, wouldn't it be more accurate and fair if u had directed your criticism specifically at a particular move that Riley made, I think that would have been on point. I think it's the general condemnation of your accusation against pat Riley that drew opposition.
Beer, I really do not want to jump in this battle of opinions regarding the heat Organisation's competence by judging the moves Riley has made. Like most bloggers, the accusation that Riley has messed up is shocking. The reason the discussion is primarily between between two bloggers is because most of us r listening for possible substance to prove such an audacious statement. It's a 'you've got our attention' kind of moment.' Now that we've listened..... It is the hardest sell in the Western Hemisphere to try to label Pat Riley a mess up. I think most people will take Pat Riley over Phil Jackson as a basketball guru. Why? Because Riley has done it as a coach on 3 different teams and now as an executive. Phil has done it as a coach on 2 teams and is now just trying his hand as an executive. I doubt I need even talk about Pats resume as everyone is already familiar with it. I will finish by saying that, Beer, if u think Riley has messed up and in the process of messing up has brought us 3 championships and 4 straight NBA finals, there's no one fan, no one owner that would not welcome or pay handsomely for such a mess up, and indeed give such an executive 'messing up' the benefit of the doubt going forward.
look! lets put everything in perspective. I have a problem with everyone thinking what LeBron did was fine' the whole fairy tale about him going back home. Dudu baked inside of pastry is still Dudu. if we are all fine with this then we have just officially approved the start of the era of 'me only' athlete. and san Antonio spurs marks the end of the era of the super team that sticks together. LeBron is all about Lebron. He is a self serving egomaniac. and we are praising him. how do you explain him signing only what amounts to a 1 year deal with even Cleveland where he went 'home' to? if it was really a decision bigger than bascketball, if it was really about north east ohio and the people there, then everyone must read into his one year contract with Cleveland as a bluff. or is it Leverage? if u r really going home, what need is there for leverage. leverage is a tool used in business. doing something from the heart needs nothing else but that, the heart. Lebron james is a mercinery, lets face it. decision 2 is thought to be honorable. his contract says otherwise. which big star has really been from the town that houses the team they made great. there have been many stars that have come from impoverished towns/city. how many has gone back to play for their home town, city, or even state. its one thing to go back after your carrier to give back to your home town, or even give to a charity that helps that home town while the athlete is still playing. while it sounds honorable to go to ones home team. but whenever an athlete settles into a team that he/she plays for, he/she has essentially created a new home. that community looks up to the athlete. he becomes an ambassador for that community. in short, the athlete creates a new home. is the new home less worthy than the athlete's 1st home. are the people in the new home worth less than the athletes original home. how about all the kids that he inspired in Miami. what r we in Miami, the expendables? I guess Jordan, Magic, Shaq and co were not honorable for not playing for their home town. last point: remember when Bill Walsh went back to coach college football at Stanford and at the news conference, he called it 'his bliss.' well, we all know how that ended up, 'un-blissful.' this move to Cleveland is not a 'happily ever after' story. the only team worse than the old clippers is Cleveland, perennial losers. lets see what happens when the losses start pilling up. in fact, I advise he start drafting decision 3 right now.
I was in Miami before the heat were even created. I remember Ronny sikley, Glenn rice and co. I was a heat fan b4 James & will always be. Lebron can kiss my left ass cheek. He dissed us. All that talk about going home, blah, blah, blah! Fokc that! Home is where u lay your head at, where u make money & in his case, where u win championships. 'I'm mad dawg.' Anyway our revenge is coming; he will never win another championship. We won b4 him. And we will win after him. Cleveland fokcing Ohio?? Let me stop! I'm heated. What's wrong with these small town people? 1st, it was golden trying to go back 'home' to Penn State. Now it's this dude that looks like a Ork & thinks he's a king. Y don't u all stay the fokc home in the 1st place? Correct me if I'm wrong; these r the same small towns that still probably lynch black people? I am so not cool with this!!!
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Umike, soup, something ate my last comment.
Bradley has been a disappointment in this world cups. He plays timid; slow, can't escape tacklers, can't catch up to tackle anyone. Doubt if he ever plays for the USA again. This is the coming out party for USA soccer. They have arrive and the standard for future players is raised. The future of USA soccer lies with children of European, African, and Latin America immigrants, plus more international players joining the MLS. Root for david beckham's team boys. I follow the team & I always knew the world was in for a rude awakening. No matter what sport, that American tough minded spirit is always the same. Go USA!
F that! U give 4 year rides off the bat, u r promoting laziness & lack of competition. Do it the jimmy Johnson way. Earn your keep; earn next year scholarship based on what u do this year.
Ok cane clan, I've been busy following the World Cup, with my two favorite teams in it; USA & Nigeria. Coaching was awesome in the game. The German called the perfect game; right substitution, good spacing. Portugal was nuteralized, especially Reynaldo. For that one pass he made, he screwed up so many others. And Monday morning QBing is awesome. We can go ahead & criticize on a play that happened 30 seconds to the end of the match. And yeah, most team seat on the ball with 2 min left to the end.
LOL! they just joked that the U on seantrel's helmet stood for Underachiever
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