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Question: ------------------ How many Nigerians r on the team? Answer ------------------- 3: Njoku, Kamalu, odogwu U better recognize! We built the fence around nigeria already.
Question: ------------------ How many Nigerians r on the team? Answer ------------------- 3: Njoku, Kamalu, odogwu U better recognize! We built the fence around nigeria already.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2015 on Ground Hog Day 2015 at Canespace
Dude, while your argument sounds rational, it's nothing but shit baked inside a pie. The outside looks good, but the inside, not so much. Before I get blindsided with the almighty 'everyone has their opinion' jab, I will remind U that majority of Americans believed in segregation when the civil rights bill was passed. Majority of Americans belived slavery was ok when lincoln took on the south. The civil war was really to reign in southern rebels more than it was to help black people. So there goes your idea of most Christian Americans been against the pride flag. Once upon a time, most Americans were also against black people. Now, it is the right place of a seating us president to show support for different groups,who are not, when that support is called for. So if the president shows support for Muslims on their holidays, is that wrong because Americans r islamophobs too. It was a big win with the SCOTUS & it's pride week. The White House congratulated them by lighting up the colors. Why don't u ask native Indians how much the American flag bothers them too. Would u take their feeling into consideration too. Dude (literal name) , lighten up. The colors are nothing more than a salute to an interest group that just won a major ruling on their special day. If u cant stand them then y recognize that they have rights like every other people. Your argument leaves U looking like a hypocrite.
Guys, watch your asses. There's a reason y we keep politics off this blog. While I respect U much VA. But I also respectfully disagree with almost every part of the statement U just made. The thinking is wrong. The logic doesn't compute. Let's start with this, to equate the Pride flag with the confederate flag stinks of homophobia. Here in New York, the Chrysler building is lit with the colour of any holiday been celebrated, including the french's Bastile day, irish flag colors during saint patric's day.. Chrysler building is not the White House, granted. But similar rules apply and U would not see the confederate flag flying over the Chrysler building either. Again VA, much respect homie. I just disagree with your comment. Remember, It was a widely held And a normal view once that white people were the superior race.
Watching Michigan vs gators classic from 2008. Holy isht! The gators offense sucked. Don't know y it wasn't evident to me back then. All they had was defense. How the hell did tebow & the gators take college football? I bet u it wouldn't happen now. They look so horrible on offense. We should have kicked their asses in gayville.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2015 on Which Way to Omaha? at Canespace
Posted by: CaneRock | May 07, 2015 at 02:23 PM Canerock, in Nigeria, everyone has a degree. It doesn't help. It's who U know over there.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2015 on Collins Goes Crazy! at Canespace
Boxing is on critical condition, but it's not going to die. Y are sports like football, basketball & baseball so popular? U can make a ton of cash from it. And that's y athletes, especially from poorer areas will always go into it. U r never going to see 300 million fight in MMA. U r not even going to see a 20million fight. Also, the damn fights only last max, 5 rounds. S whole feeling rounds! I don't care how spectacular the take downs are, 5 round is not worth my money. Granted, boxing match can end in one round too but so can a MMA fight. If both fighters r willing, U can fight up to 12 rounds in boxing, longer back in the days. In MMA, if both fighters r willing, they go max 5 rounds. We talk about mothers not letting their kids go in to football anymore because of health risks, what mother would let their kids go into a sport where they have 10 different ways to get maimed. How about that broccoli ear they get from repeated poundage; really sexy that. Lastly, boxing is a great sport. The sweet science, mastery, indeed almost ballet like when two master practitioners go at it. MMA is simple, unadoltrated savagery. I'm not saying it shouldn't be staged, but it is not taking boxing a place at the mantle piece anytime soon. Look at a boxing match, it tells a story over those 12 rounds, agony, domination, recovery, comedy, mastery, beautiful motion. Zeus & the gods box, demons of the underworld fight MMA.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2015 on I Feel A Definite Updraft at Canespace
U have to give it to Golden, hes come out swinging.; no. 1 recruiting class and his social media onslaught is impressive. I dear us say that we have no.1 social media program in the country; U-drills, mic'd up, twitter, etc. and his winning the battle. hes doing everything right so far. we'll see when the regular season gets here.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2015 on Standish Proves To Be A Stand Up Guy at Canespace
And also, u shouldn't shut the blog down for rogue bloggers. U ban them. More fair to the others.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2015 on We Must Protect This House! at Canespace
Soup my apologies if that was directed @ me. I was reflecting on if we had gotten coaching right with the inside promotions of Coker or Shannon just like Oregon. Wasn't trying to start on that path.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2015 on We Must Protect This House! at Canespace
CR, point though is that Coker was his OC, that's a high position. Either Butch woul have picked him or not is not the point. Coordinators r expected to be good enough to take over. It's a different issue if the school goes with them or not. The school chose chip Kelly's successor not chip kelly. But u r right. I made a mistake. Greg Schiaparelli worked under Butch not Shannon.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2015 on We Must Protect This House! at Canespace
We r in a win win situation. If golden wins, we r all good. If he looses, butch waiting behind the door. Thinking about our predicament is a little depressing. How can a great program fuck up in coaching for so long? Golden is excusable. He was well veted. And he was actually a up & comer in the coaching ranks. Plus he gave a hell of a presentation. But Coker & Shannon r desturbing. Imagine the Oregon coach becoming a failure after chip Kelly left? Well, it didn't happen to Oregon but it happened to us. Did Coker even learnt anything from Butch Davis? How could u fuck it up. And not only did Coker not learn anything under Butch, but Shannon didn't either. Two good assistants but werent head coaching materials. I would actually blame this on Butch. One of the first I learned in my carrier as a manager is to teach and prepare the people under U to be managers. They could get promoted. If u leave, they could replace U. Or just help their carrier so they can get a job somewhere else. How did Butch not part his knowledge & skill on his assistants? SMH!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2015 on We Must Protect This House! at Canespace
Talk about a buzz kill, ferman article. Appreciate the effort golden is putting in to fight negativity. That is needed. It is BS for ferman to say that this will be the worst team golden has fielded. To start, this is the 1st time golden has had a quarter back. The corp of receivers r solid. We lost a man in the DB, but it doesn't necessarily destroy the whole group. At worst, the LBs r ok. The DL looks like the best group he ever fielded so far. RB r still solid even without Duke. TE I think will be a pleasant surprise. & since Kehoe as been back, our OL classes have been solid. I would even call us OL U. We lost 3 good guys but a lot of other guys played well last year. One thing he's right about is that Goldennis coaching for his job. I hope he puts up a good performance. Last was a great team with great players now heading into the NFL. The 6-7 record is as a result of coaching. The talent was good, they were prepared, conditioned. The problem was coaching. What's my summary? I don't know. I can't say we r going to be good & I can't say we r going to be bad. But our talent is not as bleak as ferman is claiming it to be.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2015 on We Must Protect This House! at Canespace
Soup, I know u were too reasonable to demolish 'our holy church of the U.' I for one wasn't going to make that isht easy for u. LOL! Umike, sarcasm was never even the problem with the blog. It wasn't the full blown 'axe & machete fought war' that was becoming prevalent. U don't retaliate a pinch with stabbing. We r going to have disagreements. It's natural. Just reply in kind and be mindful of crossing the perverbial red line. And we have to cut the so called disagreement posts down. Keep it light & very short when it happens. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2015 on MaryLou We Love U! at Canespace
Nice April fool. Soup is going to re-open the bog and call it swag space.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2015 on MaryLou We Love U! at Canespace
I don't believe what I'm hearing. U guys r giving your good byes. How about everyone try to convince soup not to dump the blog. He might listen to our collective voices. Does anyone else want this blog to go on. Common!
Or just let Ohio run it man! Don't stop the blog. Let Ohio run it. He's reasonable.
I had a discussion the other day on the blog about how negativity is affecting the program, the recruiting. Some idiots here don't actually get it. Everyone that's not a fan talks about how bad the negativity is. The perpetrators r just so evil/callous/dumb/blind that they don't get or see it. Well guess what, if u can take down a blog with fellow fans, what do u think u r doing to future recruits. U guys r pathetic!!!
U don't move out of your house because of nuisance guest, u kick them out. Common man!
march 19, 2015; a day that will forever live in infamy.
good job u angry, bitter nancies. I hope u like what you've done. I mean you jack-offs are not fans. you are fiends, enemy of the (U) state, the dark side, dooms day messiahs, 'if I cant win, lets burn it down' notion subscribers. do you fuckers have any sense. you are not civilized. you are fucking monkeys; packed in a room, you cant work together, you wage war against each other. you can all go to hell on a one way ticket and you don't even deserve my wrath. fucking Neanderthals!!!!
Help! Someone ate my blog.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2015 on Willie Gets Fired, Drew Gets Hired! at Canespace
The three outsiders are coming from a radio station, Montana State and ... Temple. If OGV ever comes back here again, things might get ugly. Personally, I couldn't care less whether we promote the bus driver to "director of player transportation" or add a former Indonesian badminton champion to the coaching staff. We need better results on the field, no matter how. Posted by: VfB_Cane | March 16, 2015 at 03:38 PM ROTFLMBO!!!! That's some evil ass sarcasm. Haaaa!! U killing me. Stop! Haaaahaaa! Looking up who the Indonesian badminton Champ is on google now. Lol!!
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2015 on Willie Gets Fired, Drew Gets Hired! at Canespace
soup, I know the lack of success of the football team has caused some burn out. But I subscribe to the notion that your success in real estate coupled with said burn-out is the reason for your impending capitulation to keeping the blog running. I also challenge U that u r not letting your entrepreneurial spirit edge out your emotions; u can always sell the blog. U will get something from that and preserve the blog as a home of refuge for cane fans. Better yet. Let one of either umike, Ohio, t-sully, etc run it until u get your cane mojo back, till the canes start winning again, or golden gets fired, whichever comes 1st. Also, I don't understand y u haven't developed a blog for sale on the App Store for like $2. We will all gladly buy it. And u can have some type of income from this. Common man!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2015 on Willie Gets Fired, Drew Gets Hired! at Canespace
Damn you CR!
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2015 on Willie Gets Fired, Drew Gets Hired! at Canespace