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I had the sense that megapixels were becoming not as prominent in marketing but it seems that more will always be "better". Being a practical photographer that uses mainly RAW I'm concerned about the increasing file sizes. Some will say, "hard drives are cheap" but it's more than disk space. Larger file sizes require more horse power in CPU & GPU. I'll likely never print larger than 13 x 19 so that's a lot of overhead.
Shorpy has been a daily must for nearly a year. I've been thinking about B/W a lot lately and trying to create various looks. Hope you'll let us know how your experiment proceeds.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2010 on Shorpy Tones at LensWork Technology Blog
Loved this exhibition. Large range & depth. I learned some new names and have them on my list to further explore. Unfortunately the Madison WI library doesn't have a very deep or, more especially, wide photography collection. Still waffling on the catalog but it'll be on my wishlist.
Is this another flaw in our science education or another example of marketing gone wrong? Bet the marketing folks didn't get much science. MEH
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