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Star Trek represents one of the few times NZ has come out on top in terms of release dates! It had the world premiere here and then the Bluray inexplicably is out a month before the US. Madness. You won't be disappointed with the purchase - the sound effects (especially my favourite, the 'sonar' ping used in the opening scenes) come across beautifully and are used extensively in the menus. Very cool :-)
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Here in NZ, the Bluray is already out and I watched it with my girlfriend last night...and at the end battle in Nero's ship, I could have sworn I heard a voice that sounded suspiciously like an unlucky El....ALADRIN. Didn't think anything of it, apart from a nagging sense of WTF - and lo! Here is Mr Wheaton himself confirming about synchronicity. FYI - the Bluray is AWESOME - a perfect transfer, funky menus that don't take ages to load and some kick ass extras. I highly recommend buying one if you have the means, it's so choice.
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