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NY got the better of the deal. Tchani will never be in the same class, and the first round pick will be at the end of the round. No great shakes. Toronto will be a little deeper, which will help them, but NY got the best of this deal.
Are you sure DeRo will play? I vaguely recall that he was talking about retiring from Canada.
The NY Post was reporting a couple of days that the team was actively pursuing a #10 player. It would seem they meant DeRo.
FIFA is being ridiculous. it's going to take a generation or more for Bosnia to resemble anything like a united nation, if that's even possible. Patience is what's required here. FIFA isn't going to be able to force the country to unite. even along football lines.
If you read my comment closely, you'd see I was speculating that DCU might be interested in moving their franchise up to the WPS level. Even at that level, the crowds won't be huge -- I bet they'd get bigger crowds in Maryland than in DC, though a DC site would be more attractive to the Virginians. Hopefully, crowds would be big enough to break even on costs of running a stadium for those dates, but the team wouldn't be run as a moneymaker. I was suggesting that DCU might be planning to go up a tier and to make the case to the city about the number of guaranteed dates.
I remember Shea Stadium being a lot bigger. I wonder about DC United's decision to start the women's team. I see one of two possible motivations. One is the obvious -- to raise their profile, brand recognition and brand loyalty among young women. The other possibility is more cunning -- the team is working on getting a new stadium site in DC -- either near the Anacostia waterfront or northeast of Union Station where the (Florida market) Capital City food market currently sits. The team will want to claim a minimum of guaranteed dates of operation each year. Having a women's team, especially one they might be able to move up to the top-tier in the future, will allow the team to claim additional guaranteed dates -- and encourage the USSF to make the stadium the East Coast home of the USWNT. At least, that's what I'm thinking....
OT -- Portland about to win a game. USOC play-in.
YOu will want Bradley fired? Is that a threat? I guess he better make sure they win.
2 subpar games.
They didn't create enough clear chances. There was a difference in class, with Paraguay taking some seriously dangerous shots. The USA didn't have any in the first 85 minutes. There was a plot of possession -- a lot of over-dribbling, and a lot of diving, trying to set up fee kicks. Too bad Donovan couldn't do anything with them.
Is that Snooky in the upper deck -- flashing everyone?
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on You Write the Caption is back at Soccer By Ives
Yes, it's just a friendly, but results like the Honduras-South Korea are the reason CONCACAF is only getting 3.5 WC slots. Only the USA and Mexico seem competitive on the world stage. The other CONCACAF teams may give the USA and Mexico fits, but they flame out against the other teams they might face in the Cup finals.
You brought non-soccer fans who went with the body paint? Hmmm.....
I thin both Bradleys have a lost a lot of hair in the 3 years since.
He did try, don'tcha know....
Interesting news. I'd love to see Nguyen in MLS. Very exciting player. Something the league needs.
The comedy keeps on rolling out of you, huh? OK, no more Szetela, but 2 defenders who are out for months with injuries, and 3 midfielders who are also out with injuries. You kinda missed the idea that this thread is about who to call up next week. Your forwards are the funniest, though, because we can't just point to the injured ones. You've got Tracy, Grella and Vincenzo on your "dream list", and yet you claim Casey, Adu and Beasley can't cut it at the international level now?? Seriously, are you trying to do "soccer comedy"?
That was kinda funny. Szetela may be the most ridiculous suggestion ever.
I don't get it. Why is White a "big yes"? A couple of starts with Aarhus this year? Edu a "Big Big Yes", even though he's not even close to being fit to play? Pontius -- He wasn't THAT good his year. He needs to greatly improve his shooting. I think the sky is the limit with him, but I don't see him as meriting a call over some other players right now. Cervi? Let him get his training in with Celtic's 1st team. He's got a short window there until Boruc gets back. Tracy? He doesn't play. Lichaj - he's in Villa's reserves. That gets you a national team call? Give him a few years. Wynne -- interesting. He looked terrible in Central America, but maybe he could improve with more exposure to that level of play. Jeffrey? Again, give him a few years. Jemal Johnson -- maybe...
Very well put? It's not even proper English. The dude means "rewarded" not "awarded".
I agree with JL on the likelihood of Cunningham and Cronin getting looks. It's possible Findley gets the call instead of Cunningham, but it would be interesting to see at least one of them play. As for Ives' list -- Castillo is sure to play, and I'd expect him to start if Bornstein isn't available. Simek didn't impress in earlier USA effort and I'd be surprised to see him called in. Contrary to what Ives' posted, Jeremiah White is not a regular starter at Aarhus, unless "regular" means more than once. He can't crack the Aarhus XI, so he doesn't merit a national team call-up. Eddie Johnson and Chris Pontius -- Johnson is the more impressive, even though he's not playing. Pontius has great potential, but he's not even next in line from MLS. I'd guess EJ does get called in, but I'd be surprised to see him play. Mo Edu -- he's not fit yet, and Bradley would do better to let him continue training with Rangers. Alejandro Bedoya -- I don't know what Bradley thinks of him but his play merits a look-see. It would be smart to bring him in.