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this has nothing to do with your post but my friend Ashley went up on stage for her second time last night at The Comedy Store in L.A. Her entire set was about gamer's and their lives. She confirmed that the term "nerd" is no longer allowed to be used but within our circles and any that defame us must apologize directly and work with our Al Sharpton of Geekdom, Wil Wheaton to provide appropriate recourse. Just thought you should know that for the few proud Geeks in the room and one brave comedian, we had a blast.
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This, among many other reasons, is why JJ Abrams was the perfect person to reboot Star Trek. Between the homage to old Star Trek dogma and the ability to keep core concepts alive while re-visioning them is a truly remarkable thing. Also, his engagement of past characters for buy-in showed great respect for where Star Trek has come from and who built it.
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