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I'll give you over 6 million reasons. Population Portland = 600k Population NYC = 8.2m
Perhaps Fulham agreed too soon to EJ's loan. Saw a report where Zamora was sent to hospital, which sounds pretty bad. Just poor timing for EJ....
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Clint Dempsey's wonder goal at Soccer By Ives
Can you explain more about how the pots are determined and the method for drawing teams? Are you following Fifa's protocol as nearly as you can guess? (SBI-I tried to follow every FIFA guideline possible. At this point it's an assumption that CONCACAF teams will be in the same pot as Asia/Oceania, but it certainly wouldn't hurt USA if CONCACAF wound up paired with Africa.)
Ives, Whatever happened to "Special 1 TV"? Did it die along with Setanta?
Ives, What ever happened to "The Special One" youtube clips? Did they die along with Setanta sports?
Bradley was also partially to blame for the first goal.
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Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on Americans Abroad: Monday Rewind at Soccer By Ives