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David - thanks for the kind words and all the great feedback in the comment section. I couldn't have done this all without my team: they all are fearless and we encourage each other to champion new tools and ways to communicate. Here are the five silver bullets I share with other hospital marketers, when they ask how they could start their "real-time" communication strategies: 1. Start small 2. Don't be afraid to fail 3. Celebrate your successes 4. Measure, measure, measure 5. Remember, there are no such things as "silver bullets" Thanks again!
Keith, very insightful - and inspiring - post which really strikes at the heart of a problem that we healthcare marketers face. Often we grow frustrated going through the motions of the day to day (the tactical) and can't lift our heads to look strategically at our challenges and our difficulties. Luckily, we are building a community where we can share, and learn, and grow from one another. Your blog, other blogs, Twitter, Facebook - we are building a community that is lowering barriers of distance, removing silos of the organization, and allowing us to share our challenges, learn from those that have gone before, and tap into the "wisdom of the crowds."