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The Portland Mercury did an excellent job covering this story from the start of the start. Here is a link to their latest article: Soccer fans in Portland are as passionate and dedicated as any in the country. I lived in Portland for over a year and was a proud member of the Timbers Army. The atmosphere when they play Seattle will be insane. It's unfortunate that the absurd concerns of one City Commissioner held up this project and cast doubt over the viability of Portland as a MLS city. Amanda Fritz should be ashamed of herself for dragging the city through this. Her argument that fans of other sports will pay for this project is completely off base. The truth of the matter is Portland isn't a viable destination for baseball or hockey and that the City Council had the opportunity to leverage $29 million into millions more in investment and future tax revenue. Portland residents should make sure she doesn't see a second term. If I sound bitter it's because I managed her opponent's campaign in 2008.
Interesting pick by Philly to start the 4th round. Not only going with Perk over Johnson, but with Seitz and Knighton, they now have three young goalkeepers.
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What happened to the Indiana job that Porter was apparently offered? (SBI-Todd Yeagley looks to be getting that job from what I hear.)
Great to see Beasley has fought his way into the lineup and earned playing time with Rangers. Hopefully he's creating and now scoring goals. It gives Bradley a veteran with world class speed on the flank and the freedom to push Dempsey into a more advanced position.
The seeded team we want to draw would obviously be South Africa. Amongst the qualifiers from UEFA, I'd take my chances against Slovenia, Switzerland or Greece.
I was really disappointed that the Red Bulls left Zimmerman unprotected. He'll be a starter in this league for another 8-10 years.
Capello doesn't view Beckham as a right winger. If everyone is healthy (a big if with Theo Walcott) I'd say Walcott is the first choice, with Lennon being the back up. After that England have Shaun Wright-Phillips, James Milner and Ashley Young, although all of those three have featured for England on the left. Stewart Downing hasn't played yet this season, but once he returns from injury he'll have time to prove he belongs in the squad. England's first choice midfield appears to be Walcott, Lampard, Barry and Gerrard. I think Beckham has the best chance of going to South Africa as a back up for Barry. Capello seems to value his leadership. Ultimately, I think Capello will take 8 midfielders: Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Walcott, Lennon, Carrick, Beckham and Milner. If he takes a 9th or if there is an injury, I imagine Wright-Phillips would make the trip.
As a Newcastle fan I wouldn't mind seeing Beasley move south to the Northeast of England. We could use some speedy wingers and I think the Championship would be a good level for him.
I think Richie Williams deserves the gig, but Preki's personality would be a huge hit in New York. He's got a little Billy Martin/Jeff Van Gundy/John Tortorella in him.
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Obviously it simulation, but why on earth did Carsley slide in to make that tackle in the first place? Ngog had taken a heavy tough and the centerback coming across (Johnson) would have been able to deal with it. As for Ibrahimovic, I'm not a fan of players going into an early international retirement.
I too would like to see Omar Gonzalez called in sooner rather than later. He has more upside than any of the other names being mentioned here (Parkhurst, Goodson, Conrad). That being said, I think Bradley over the course of the 2 matches in Europe will give starts to 2 of the 3 from that group. All should see significant playing time.
That save the Zaragoza goalkeeper made on Messi with his outstretched foot was different class
Phil Brown doesn't exactly have a reputation for being a "player's coach." Last season against Man City they went in to halftime down 4-0. He wouldn't let them go into the locker room and proceeded to chew the team out on the pitch in front of the visiting Hull fans. After a hot start last season the club has gone down hill. I think it's not long till he gets the sack.
my fondest memory of Giants Stadium will always be the 1996 MLS All-Star game, followed by a World Select 11 playing the Brazilian Olympic Team. I was at the first Metrostar victory, which was also a treat. Sadly, the last game I will ever attend at Giants Stadium was the humiliating 5-0 loss to Mexico.
The ownership backed him plenty during the offseason. He spent 42mil pounds on two players, one who is a rightback and another who hasn't played yet. They have a fine first choice 11 when everyone is healthy, but realistically how often is that going to happen? Arsenal, Man United, Man City and Chelsea have cover. Even Spurs have held their own with their best player, Luka Modric, out injured. When Liverpool are faced with injuries to their top stars, they can't cope. I bet Rafa wishes he never let the likes of Bellamy and Crouch go.
I agree with Joamiq. Liverpool have suffered from a lack of depth and that is no ones fault but Rafa. Look at his substitutions yesterday. Gerrard goes of injured and he brings on a fullback! Granted most teams would struggle when losing a player of Gerrard's caliber, but can you imagine Sir Alex replacing Wayne Rooney with John O'Shea 20min into a scoreless game at home? Any injury to Torres or Gerrard and this team is without any cutting edge going forward. We've heard cries that Liverpool doesn't have the financial might to compete with Chelsea and Man United, but let's face it. He spend 17mil pounds on a right back and 25mil pounds on a midfielder who hasn't even played this season. That money should have been invested in 4 or 5 players, rather than 2. A 17mil pound rightback is a luxury few clubs can afford.
Rangers fans acting racist...what is the world coming to?
I wasn't a big fan of Jozy going to Hull when it happened. Phil Brown is not a good manager and I'm betting he's sacked before Christmas. Hull will be in a relegation fight all season, and are likely to turn to battle tested veterans to keep them up. The fact that they signed Venagoor of Hesselink will make it even tougher for Jozy to get into the team.
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