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FYI- I'm a young, female, white university student. I'm not sure how that makes my comment any more or less valid, but that seem to be the general theme of this blog. I enjoy watching people get offended by things like this because it points out just how illogical some people are about race. It always seems to be the same people who shout "race shouldn't matter-- stop judging based on race!!!" at the top of their lungs that are the first to point out when changing skin tone is 'offensive' or when skin tone DOES matter. Maybe someone should make a list so that all those people can argue endlessly over it.
Steve Chapman, YOU have been quick to trumpet the fact that Conservatives are against Muslims--the implication being that Conservatives are inherently bigoted, hostile to foreigners, and have "something" against Islam. But where do you make that connection? If I am a conservative (in the sense I don't believe people should indiscriminately kill other people) and someone espouses a religious belief that claims this action is honorable, am I fault for condemning that brand of religion? Does it then make sense to say I am bigotted against all people of Islamic faith because I do not agree with one type of Islam? It would be absurd and dangerous to anathematize all conservatives as Muslim haters on the basis of one alleged bigot.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on Islam and Fort Hood at Steve Chapman