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Stylish fashion, designer vintage, unique accessories and unusual gifts
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Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, including Mr Old School . I can understand where he’s coming from, but the whole point about fashion is that it’s subjective and a matter of personal taste. Here are some of my own points of view, taken from an article I wrote: The psychology of fashion is very curious. At ShopCurious, we believe that ‘style with brains’ is about being confident in your own skin, trusting your intuition, respecting your individuality and personal preferences: It’s not illegal to wear something that offends others’ sense of style and taste… Don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks – what you wear is entirely up to you - your personal style is timeless. We all like to make an impression, but looking good is also about walking tall, smiling, and being polite and courteous to others. Having something interesting to say is also useful. These are all completely free of charge. Susie, your posts have style with brains – but what makes them really unique is the large dash of your special je ne sais quoi! Love the graph x
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OMG! That's really curious - and curiously fabulous too...
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