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Really hoping to see him play for Roma on Sunday here at Wrigley. Anyone going?
Ugh. Wondo instead of Agudelo?
KBone I think you're forgetting that Jordan played with Pippen who is not only a HOF'er but also one of the NBA 50 greatest of all time. So to say that Jordan did it on his own is a disservice to one of the best. Messi has done quite a lot to be compared to MJ...this coming from a Chicagoan and a FC Barca supporter.
With Williams out I think we'll see this now --------------Altidore----------------- ----Beas-------Dempsey--------Shea----- -----------Edu---------MB90------------ --Chandler---Boca----Gooch---Dolo---- --------------Timmy------------------
Kyle - Male - 24 - Chicago, IL - Barcelona, USMNT, Chicago Fire, Hercules, Chelsea - 2 years
So if you're in debt...why would you buy cesc? barca's mf is good enough they dont need another guy. save the money. sigh
Well #1 I NEVER go to Columbia. #2 My buddy and his fiance would not be happy if one or multiple groomsmen left town hours before their wedding. Nothing like a hitchin on a farm.
My hotel room in Niney Six, South Carolina?? Anyone? Anyone?? *sigh. Lets get a big Chicago group together though for the other games
Please Chicago, Please Chicago!!!
Ives, what about Euan Holden. I saw on his twitter account that he played. @EuanHolden Had my first game with Vejle today against Midtjylland from the Superliga. Scored ended 2-2, great to be back playing again.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Ives, great site and thanks for all the soccer/futbol news. I was wondering what kind of rehab Gooch and Charlie Davies will be going through. How are they both doing? I haven't really heard much from them since the injuries.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on It's Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
I'm starting to realize why 'ull city aren't very good. They bother themselves with this nonsense. Do you think the Bengals care if OchoCinco tweets a lot? The KID offered an appolgy for being late. I'd consider that taking responsibility for your actions and being responsible. He's also showing accountability to the loyal supports of Hull. Brown's an idiot. Maybe he should coach NY Red Bulls
Who? I know the US isn't in the top tier of international teams, but just because this guy is "foreign" doesn't mean he's better than our starting XI or even would get a call up.