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Bravo! And thank you.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on art just is at Marc Johns
Adore that painting. The chandelier looks great!
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2010 on New light at Nest Decorating & Designs by Tamar
Yum!! I love grilled peaches.
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Toggle Commented May 22, 2010 on Different at PutYourFlareOn
I totally feel you on this post. I was there feeling hazy fighting off the blues that strike when I am not well rested. Add being sick and busy to that and yeah, recipe for disaster. At least you recognize it and are getting through it as best you can. Kudos to you! xo (gorgeous pictures, as always)
Fantastic! Congratulations.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2009 on Published at Photography Bloom
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I love how unique and wonderful your pieces are. They never look "canned," you know? Awesome!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on Halloween 2009 album at Layouts by the numbers
Yeah, giving Tori the curled lip would be a deal breaker alone, much less all the other stuff. I think you did the right thing.