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Wonderful mini-bio and photos of Edith and other writers, loved this! Thank you :-)
fabulous shots! esp liked the overhead snow scene (man on bench), man walking over cobblestones, eiffel twr w/snow, and the underwater-like arms wide woman best wishes on your show, nice!
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2014 on Meredith Mullins: Evolution at I Prefer Paris
Ads in the embeds! Yuk ;-) I hope not. Though a simple text line with a link to their site seems reasonable. I've just started using Scribd's embedding option, for both some free docs on their site plus books I have in their subscription, and there's of course a link back to their site for my originating doc or book, but that seems good. Anyway, always something new (to me) & interesting to learn. Thanks so much :-)
really nice write up and images - we didn't get to visit the Invalides recently when we were in paris, but it's on our list of "next times" ;-) only time i've seen anything like what your photos show, was in houston (tx) many years ago, and they did a light show like that against the houston skyline it was so impressive that we, and who knows how many others, but a freeway full on the katy freeway, stopped the freeway, and watched the show so i can imagine how much fun this was for you, thanks so much for the article
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2013 on La Nuit aux Invalides at I Prefer Paris
agree with claudia and brian, so honest and so good you found you "had always been free" esp liked, "the One who sees it all, who sent unlikely angels to give me a key to unlock the chains" best wishes, and very glad you've shared this with us, thank you ;-)
great reminder! and confirmation for me, as i've just recently posted my book covers on my sidebar, with just the kind of links you suggest thanks so much, looking fwd to more great info ( first time to your site ;-) )