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I am going, I am going, I am .... out of state on vacation starting May 6th.....damn it. Can you tape the performance for me? Purdy Please?
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Even though I am a few years older than you, we certainly had similar interests. I got involved in Magic very early because a co-worker mentioned the game to me. He went to High School with Richard Garfield and they used to play the game on 3x5 cards about 10 years earlier. I think I spent way too much money on everything. The weekly (um, perhaps daily) trips to the game shop to pick up anything new really put a dent in my pocketbook. My wife was pissed with me....that is until she got involved and loved it as much as I did. She was still sore, but in the end I did end up selling part of my collection so the net cash outlay was about zero. I still have quite a few cards sealed in a box somewhere in my house. I have the original release black border cards (never did get a Black Lotus...damn it) but Guardian Beast was a favorite of mine. I also have the limited edition gold bordered set in a box, so I suppose I have a Black Lotus there....although I never played with them. I wonder how much these things are worth now? Oh well. Good luck on your xbox tourney. I hope you kick some butt!!
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