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Great post. I especially recognise the 3rd point. See far too many people trying to use new technology in comms for major bits of work yet have never used these to even keep in touch with friends. It's like learning to drive a truck when you've never got on a bike.
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There is an inefficiency in the cascade in that the same conversations are repeated, if they ever happen. I'd like to see more of the conversations held in open forums, blogs, etc. The people that really understand the issues may not be the people that are being asked to convey the message. Also, your message may be clear, but employees get messages from all sorts of places and assemble that themselves. They may also just hit delete.
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Flatter organisations would help, putting the information in a public place from the start, letting colleagues explain the issues. This goes on in private with employees anyway, why not make use of it.
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Nice one, as you point out, it is give and take. Sure you spend time adding friends but the pay back can be much bigger. Seems the measured one-side of the equation only. For what it's worth, since the technology got social, I work longer and enjoy it more. Just don't tell my employer that. :o)