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This isn't news....anyone who's followed the program for the last few years knows this. In addition, anyone who DOESN'T think that this was mostly driven by the Shapiro/NCAA ax hanging over Golden's head is too consumed with anger/frustration/etc. to think straight. Think about how far behind the curve this program was every day - and it's not just the fault of Al Golden. Please note that I'm stating this as a double grad - 92 (BBA) and 98(MBA) so I "get" the passion.
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two things: 1 - how far - typically - would 10,000 steps many miles 2 - is the VC you follow that kicks your butt Brad Feld?
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The 'Heels defense isn't all that....just look at the passing defense as one example. The only reason they are ranked 5th in the nation is that the average rank of the teams they have played is ~76! The ONE good passing offense they played - FSU - lit 'em up for nearly 400 yds and a career day for Ponder! Hell....the FCS schools they played are even poorly ranked (Citadel @81 in the FCS!!) If you want to take a look - here's the numbers:
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