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Gypsying, Traveling, and Living Lilliputian in a Goliath World
Prescott Arizona for now
So many adventures, so little time!!
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As I was driving around doing errands in the pouring, drizzling, 60 degree temps this a.m. I was wondering…where did summer go? I was transported back to Oregon, in the winter, with black clouds darkening the skies, dripping trees and bushes, damp steering wheels, the musty smell of tracked in... Continue reading
There’s hope, real hope. For the first time I actually think this may come together in some semblance of what I had hoped to create. With Hank and Sunny putting in the sheet rock on walls & ceilings--taping, and now having them completely textured and ready for paint, it has... Continue reading
Hot and sticky….REALLY hot and sticky, and it makes everyone sweaty and miserable. The monsoons are trying to come through, but so far just sprinkles and threats and lots of high temps (98) and humidity. I went to the house after work today. Took Roy and Guayo back to the... Continue reading
Progress is slow on the house redo, but there has been some. Yesterday the work on the roof began, today was the 2nd coat, and tomorrow the 3rd coat. Just in's building up for the monsoon! Also, Hank came over and ripped out the ceilings in the kitchen and... Continue reading
Okay, I apologize. It's been so crazy for the last 2 months that I haven't written a word. I'm alive, did not drop off the face of the earth, and only have a small bit of depression from NOT going to Uruguay. But that ship has sailed, so concentrating on... Continue reading
I found out this morning that my very sweet dear ET (real name is Andrea) is moving to Phoenix. It is a medical move to help with her husband’s health problem…going from 5000 feet to 300+ will make his condition much more manageable and make him feel better. I understand…but... Continue reading
The work goes on at the new house. I've been posting on going photos on Kodak Share, but a number of people have said they can't access them, so going to post here and on Facebook. Hope that helps. I painted the master bedroom and dining room ceilings with primer... Continue reading
It's the Birthday Boy! After working at the new house, it was a wonderful diversion to have been invited to the surprise birthday party of our good friend Lou Montiel. Lou is just an overall great guy and super friend, so when his brother Hank called us about the surprise,... Continue reading
After figuring out we weren't going to be able to move to Uruguay, post-South America depression was inevitable. No new adventure, no leaving all we knew for new and different people, places, and experiences hit like a rock for awhile. We were disappointed; I thought Raquel was going to cry... Continue reading
Today I'm up and running. Must say, I'm pretty much up and running all the time, but feel productive this morning. It's Memorial Day weekend and should be warm and wonderful, and maybe it will be prior to the end of the day. But this morning it's just darn chilly.... Continue reading
I’m washing my Bites. I love my Bites...nice wear-with-everything sandals with closed toes so you can wear then when you haven’t polished your toenails nor scraped off callouses from your heels and/or big toe. They are black, blend in with everything, and can be worn summer or winter. And believe... Continue reading
We rescued Guayo off the streets the day after we returned from our life-changing trip to Uruguay. Urguayans are called Uruguayos...pronounced oor-uh-wah-zhos, so we call him not guy-oh, but wah-zho. He is the sweetest thing...loving and funny and smart and not a mean bone in his body. He loves everyone... Continue reading
This hasn’t been a very good week, and now it’s Friday and it is ending on an even worse note. Today the ultimate monkey wrench may have been thrown into our plans to move to Uruguay. We have been discussing Roy’s going on Medicare when I quit my job. If... Continue reading
Stuff--I remember an entire hysterical George Carlin routine on this subject, and he was right. How in the world do we accumulate so much stuff that we can really and truly live without? And why do we do it? Is this some primal instinct, or is there some psychological reason... Continue reading
While trying to get everything in order for a move to Uruguay, we find that not all things we've learned along the way are as passed on. First, the rate of yearly income one must have is vastly different. When first checking into this a year ago, we were told... Continue reading
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Mar 16, 2010
Okay, so a little lesson in Uruguayan language today. In my article on Uruguay, I mentioned the metal straw used to drink mate..the bombilla. It was inadvertantly spelled incorrectly in the article as "bambiyos” . I don't know how this happened, as I know how to spell it, but it... Continue reading
I have been published! My article on our trip to Uruguay November 2009, was published in NCISA magazine, Spring 2010 issue on March 1. I am so jazzed! Maybe this is the beginning of a new career--oh that would be wonderful and the answer to my prayers of finding something... Continue reading
Lisbeth is a gift to our world. Have you ever met someone that you know upon first meeting you will be friends with forever? That you know you have been sisters before? That you know there is no one else in the world that will ever fill your heart the... Continue reading
We got to Pittsburgh in fine shape. The huge blizzard/snowstorm that blanketed the East coast missed Pittsburgh, leaving only a couple inches of snow, none of the cutting winds, and picture postcard views of houses and fields and trees nestled in pure white puffy snow. It's been doing little soft... Continue reading
Happy Valentine's Day! A day for love and lovers. We have had a busy day, after beginning it with cards and gifts and hugs and kisses. We are "the lovebirds" to our family in NY, and to other friends and families. Tonight there were plans to go to 129 1/2:... Continue reading
It's Psychic Sunday at the Sacred Bean. It's also the week before Valentine's Day and Super Bowl Sunday. Big day, but mainly I have to get ready for my jewelry show. Francesco was sweet enough to offer a venue for me to display and hopefully sell my jewelry. The economy... Continue reading
This morning and this afternoon we are still experiencing snow. I'm so tired of it. I'm cold all the time and can't wait until I can get my bones warm again. As I kissed Roy good bye, after going over the food I'd made for him to have while I"d... Continue reading
Yesterday I was at my local COSTCO buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Biscuit, the Wonder Dog and was in the checkout line when woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think I had, an elephant? So since I'm... Continue reading
There's nothing like a warm hearty soup when the weather is cold and miserable. The snow is still in wet dirty piles all around us, and the temps are below freezing every morning, turning the once gorgeous snow into sheets of slippery treacherous ice. I know those of you in... Continue reading