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I think it's premature to release him. He turned it around last year and ended up producing quite respectable numbers, and I think he's earned the opportunity to do that again. Maybe he's just become a more extreme version of Teixeira, and will have slow starts from now on. And maybe he's no longer a full-time DH, and will need to be platooned. But I don't think you cut the guy who's been the foundation of your offense for this long over a bad month. Also, just for the record, the Red Sox have scored 5 runs per game so far this year. They're 4th in the AL in runs scored (shocking, I know). The problem is not that their newfound "focus on defense" has gutted their offense. The problem is that that defense is allowing 4.85 runs per game, while their pitching is posting the 4th worst ERA in the AL. The offense is doing fine, it's the defense (and pitching) that isn't playing well.
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Realistically, the Red Sox are the "team of the decade." 2004 was just too momentous not to overshadow most everything else. Whether it's fair or not, I think the Yankees of the 00s will be remembered largely as a team that was good, but not quite good enough to match the teams of the late 90s. Like SF said, though, this is all kind of silly to talk about. Especially because not every sport has a Team Of The Decade. Who was the NFL Team Of The Decade for the 80s? The 49ers and Redskins both won 3 Super Bowls, but the '86 Bears are arguably the most memorable team from that decade. There's not always a single team that dominates over everything like Jordan and the 90s Bulls. So I'm not sure there's one team the "defines" the 00s in baseball. But I think the 2004 Red Sox are the most memorable team this decade, and I think Boston has been dominating enough since then that it's the closest to Team Of The Decade that we'll get.
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