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Reading the tweets by Brent, Lavar and yourself reminds me of what a great show ST:TNG was. Watching Trek was like being invited to a place where everyone liked each other while accomplishing something that was important. While the episodes weren't always the best, there was a consistency - a clarity of purpose. The cast seemed to really like each other and proved through the writing and acting that anything was possible when people tried to work together. There wasn't anything that couldn't be done or over-come with that attitude. Every episode of ST:TNG's first episode was better then anything else on TV because it was trying to do what no one else was doing... it was about going out there. Pushing boundaries. Even episodes like "The Last Outpost" were good because it was about exploring what could be, what might be, and what could have been. What other series tried to do that? Star Trek, the cast, crew and writers inspired me to be a better person. While I know that Tasha Yar was just a character played by Denise Crosby for just one season, she inspired me to get over my abused past and not let the guff I was told about myself hold me back. The episode "Tapestry" in the one of the later seasons gave me the final push to get into college and do some thing more with my life. Were it not for TNG, would I be where I am today? I'm not alone in asking this question. How many other fans were also inspired to be more, to be better people, too? TNG taught us to have a broader view of the world and the universe. Star Trek TNG (and DS9, and Voyager to a lesser degree) made me want to travel the country and learn about history and other cultures. What other franchise tried to do that before or since? And I think that's one of the sad parts of your "Futurecast" audio shows. I don't think you understand how much you folks impacted our lives for the better. I never understood why people disliked Wesley Crusher - your character served as a metaphor for who and what we in our teens and twenties could have been with the right guidance, with the right mentors in a near perfect society that we could create if we just try to understand each other and work together. I hope you folks understand what your show meant to us. If you do, it's great that you're modest about it and didn't let it get to your heads. Ad Astra, Scientia... Ren Fisk
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