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Chivas has some very decent combination play in the offensive half, but LA punished them twice for significant defensive lapses. Good game, overall, for a neutral viewer.
The field for the USA v. UAE looks terrible and the game is nearly unwatchable. We are a bit better at moving the ball around, but not by much.
I hope the new coach reads Simon Kuper's soccernomics. He talks, among other things, about how much waste of time and money occurs when a new coach comes and must bring "his" players. Barring something extreme (think Brian Clough at Leeds United), the coach does not have to get rid of, or bench, players the last coach brought on. Jozy is a good young talented player, may be a bit raw and apparently immature. But he's got a good upside. Hopefully, the new coach is patient.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Report: Brown out at Hull City at Soccer By Ives