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Wil, have you seen what this guy did?!? "UberFridge is a homebrew fermentation temperature controller that I have built from my old fridge. It runs on an Arduino Nano and an Asus WL520GU router. It can control the temperature of a fermenting beer with 0.1 °C accuracy. Temperature graphs and settings can be viewed in a web interface over WiFi."
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I got into Magic the Gathering back in 1994, and I STILL play it a few times a week. I've never spent a lot of money on cards at once, however over the years my collection has gotten fairly sizable.
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This is a problem I frequently encounter when trying to write short stories. I find that my short stories always turn into bloated huge things, while stuff that I intend to be longer always runs into a roadblock when it reaches short story length. Perhaps I should just write instead of saying "this is going to be a short story"? Obviously, Wil, if you are writing something because you have been tapped to, this isn't really an option, but I gotta try SOMETHING different. It's really frustrating.
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I may have missed this in the post, but are there any chances of a DVD being released of this or future w00tstocks? There is no way I could possibly get to one (without you folks touring, of course:-)) but I would love to still see it!
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I remember a couple of friends and I modified a Hero Quest game set for DnD in a way that created an amalgamation of the Warhammer universe and Dungeons and Dragons, using a bastardized version of the rule sets smashed together (combined with some stuff that we made up). You want to shoot that nasty looking thing with your bow, Mr. Ranger? No problem. Instead of rolling to see if you hit the monster, you have to guesstimate the distance to your target. Get it right within 2mm? You then rolled to see which body part you hit, then rolled damage. 1-5 were legs, 6-10 were arms, 11-19 was torso, 20 was the head. Depending on what you hit, it changed the effect that the damage had, AND how the damage was taken by the monster (i.e. if he wasn't wearing anything on his legs, there was no damage reduction because of armor. Shoot a non-"tough" monster in the head that doesn't have a helmet on? Insta-kill. Headshot an enemy with a badass helmet? You get nothing but a "pinging" noise and frustration.) Many details of the "meld" were similar in nature, and it made for a super-fun and unique experience.
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I really love horror stories, and I have a few really creepy ones floating around in my head...but I'm horrible at writing stories...much better at telling them :-(
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